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Ford Windstar



  • wholiganwholigan Posts: 148
    I bought tires this past weekend...

    OK, it is my family we haul around so I didn't skimp too much - OTOH, I didn't go crazy either. After talking with a couple of shops I got the impression that the cheap tires (35000 to 40000 mile tires) have softer sidewalls that would not last very long on a 4200 pound vehicle.

    I went to the local Fleet Farm and picked up a set of four Duron Vertex IV. They are a 75000 mile tire made by the Dayton Tire Company. They were on sale for $49.95 each and for the month of March they had free mounting, balance, and valve stems. $212.79 later I took the tires to their Auto Service Center and they had them on the van in 45 minutes. I asked them to do an alignment as well. It turned out I didn't need one. After they put it on the rack they showed me that all four wheels were within spec. Sooooo... They charged me $6 to dispose the old tires and $10 for the alignment "check".

    That is the least amount of money that I have spent on service for this van since I bought it in 1998!
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  • Just got back from 2700 mile trip with mixed results. It started out at just under 21 mpg. Stopping for lunch, I pressed reset again and for the resr of day I got 24 mph going 75 mph. It was even reading 30 mpg during a construction zone going 50 mph. This was going up and down hills in from Indiana to Tennesee. The next day of Tennesee driving driving, 22 mpg was the best readout. Another day when we left for Geogia, it was back up to 24 mpg at 75 mph. THe miles to empty was reading over 600. We only went a little over 200 miles that day, but there was 190 miles at the 3/4 full mark. The norm has been 100. On the way back, the mileage slowly dropped. By the time I got back to Indiana it was reading 17.1 mpg-- 130 miles at the 3/4 full line.Filling up after that reading however, I noticed that the fuel gage was only at the 7/8 point and didn't go past F until 10 miles down the road, very slowly.After filling up , it was reading 19 mpg the rest of way home. SOmething isn't quite right but tell that to MR FORD. If this thing ran like it did for the first 1200 miles of ownership, I wouldn't have anything to complain about.!!!!!!!
  • tlagardetlagarde Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a base line Windstar LX (3 dr)with no frills...can anybody give me some ideas of what I should pay for a 2001? Thanks!
  • wholiganwholigan Posts: 148
    Well, I really thought the dealership had this one licked...

    I got my 95WS back from the dealership at the beginning of March... That was for engine number three. Put new tires on it last weekend... Now the temperature guage is "swinging" between the O and the L in NORMAL...

    This sucks... Why do I believe them?
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  • Hello all remember me... the mom who is really tired of all the problems with my 1995 w/s and made a homepage about the dealer that sold it to me. Well, here I am again, just one week into my second engine since December. And my poor parking spot looks awful. it has new puddles, old puddles, dried puddles, all kinds of puddles... This latest leak I cant figure out though, I think it may be transmission fluid. I was going to place a paper bag under it today to get a accurate spot but it is raining and cant do it. The investigator from my consumer division called me on Sat. to state that he got a letter from the General Manager. This is what it says..
    "Through our efforts and partnership with Ford Motor Company, we were able to install a new (rmp) engine at no cost to Ms. Abrahams while providing her with comparable loaner transportation at no charge. At this point in time I believe she is happy with Ted Britt Ford."
    First of all... I am not even close to happy, Second, They did'nt do this out of the goodness of they're heart like he is making it sound. They have to replace the engine, and they have to provide me with a loaner, Its there policy. Remember they took that loaner away from me at one point because I made them really mad with my homepage and contacting an Attorney. And i'm happy???? I don't think so. Now there is some other leak, and just yesterday I did my own little test for the van missing and it's not a pretty thing. Place a glass of water on the top of the dash, put the car in park, nuetral and drive and watch the water in the glass, if it jumps around like a dancing bean then you got problems. Mine was doing flips in the I have to make funny on this at times, otherwise i'll drive myself insane.
    Oh and I wanted everyone to know that I ordered two bushels of lemons and when I picket the dealership in April, the lemons will be handed out to passer by's with the dealers name on them. Maybe this will show just how happy I really am.
    Thanks for all the support!!!!
  • jvirginiajvirginia Posts: 65
    Ford has no idea how well and far your message is being delivered. On my way home from work last night I was behind a 2000 Ford Taurus with a license plate bracket from, you guessed it, Ted Britt Ford. I immediately thought of your story. I also noticed the passengers in the car next to me pointing at the bracket and heard them talking about the dealership and how they had a reputation for being deceptive. And I'm down here in southeastern Virginia. Keep up the fight.
  • hansorihansori Posts: 2
    I have been getting educated from this site, and I think it's my turn to return the favor. Today I bought a new SEL with side airbags, family security group and entertainment center. I would like to point out two things here.

    1. I was eligible for so-called X plan (a discount plan for employees of Ford partner companies). However, it couldn't save me much money. I should say I could have lost a lot of bucks just because of that. What an irony... I was supposed to get a predetermined price, which is Ford employee price (so-called A plan) plus 4% extra. Anyway, I ended up not using it, because I could get even more discount and $400 college grad rebate (which I could not get with X plan). So, those who try to use this, please think twice. You could save a lot if you are willing to spend a little more time on dealing.

    2. The price info on SEL page is not correct. The invoice and MSRP should be 28066 and 30805, respectively. At least they are the numbers on the paper I got from the dealer. Hope knowing this info could save you $200 more bucks.

    I managed to get a good deal (at least to me) - $701 under invoice (excluding rebates). I am living in Boston area and let me know if you want more info on my deal.

  • sharonlpksharonlpk Posts: 37
    Got our new WS less than 2 weeks ago and enjoy it! Still have, for the time being, the '95 WS that helped finance this new one with the $4K CFC, neighbors must think we're crazy :-)

    Anyway, I spent a bunch of time reading all of the posts here, and laughed out loud when I read a very early one about the disappointment with the floor mats...I Agree!! The '95 had plush mats, covered the whole van, even had the word "Windstar" on them... the new mats (in a van with quite a few upgraded features as well) are el cheapo, and don't even begin to cover the actual floor space in the van. So I stole the cargo mat from the '95, was glad we still had the van!

    I agree with the 'sharpness' of the latch for the rear door... My husband thought I was crazy to moan about the floor mats and that latch, glad someone else feels the same way :-)

    Am not sure that I like where some of the controls are now located, for example the rear window control (why only on the driver side? I liked it better in the center!) or the rear wiper control... Plus, my field of vision is much less due to the high headrests; does anyone know if they are removeable?

    But so many new fun things! Like that the radio stays on after the engine is turned off, great when waiting to pick up kids from their events :-) Or the remote keyless entry so I can never lock the keys in again :-) Or being able to adjust which interior lights turn on when the key comes out of the ignition...

    Don't know if we *really* needed a new van right now, but that $4K coupon was about to expire... !
  • sharonlpksharonlpk Posts: 37
    Well, about those floor mats again... it bothered me more and more that the new mats do not cover near as much of the area behind the front seats as I would like them to, so headed off to the dealership today to find out how much certain new ones would cost. Surprise, the ones I wanted, to put on the outside of the 2nd row seat where passengers step in the sliding doors, are no longer being made. At least according to the person in the parts dept. that I talked with.

    Plus, supposedly, they also don't have any mats available for separate purchase that would be more 'custom-fit' to the 2nd and 3rd rows... as opposed to just the mats that came with the van...

    I know that one of the reasons that the '95 WS we still have looks so good inside is because the floor mats basically covered every inch of the inside... never had to worry about whether a spill was on the mat or not...!

    If anyone finds out that better 2001 custom mats do indeed exist, please post, thanks!!

  • wholiganwholigan Posts: 148
    Well - got the van back this week. If they didn't "FIX" the swinging thermostat they have, at least, minimized its movement. Now it only swings between the R and M in NORMAL. They stated that there was an "air bubble" in the cooling system.

    Please, Please, Please... let this be the last time I see the service department for a while...

    Hope yours treats you better than mine does!
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    2004 Honda Accord EX-L Graphite Pearl
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  • I haven't read much about problems with head gaskets on the '96 Wind stars but I can't believe I am the only one dealing with the repercussions! My head gaskets failed at 48K miles and luckily for me the extended warranty (through GE Capitol) paid for the replacement engine. It took almost 6 weeks to get the van back with the "new" engine. The day I finally retrieved it, the van started stalling. I kept it over the weekend for sentimental reasons (hey, we had to become reaquainted!) and took it back to the service kept. the following week. Naturally, it wouldn't stall right away but by the next day, it would stall for the technicians quite willingly. Seems the "certified" Ford engine had the cam sensor installed incorrectly. Thinking that correction would help, I was assured all was well. It ended up stalling some more and the service manager said they turned the sensor the "wrong" way. mm. Well, I finally had my Wind star back. At least I thought so. Now, one week later, it is back at the shop after being towed about 60 miles from the highway. I had all 3 kids in the van, driving in rush hour on an interstate when the transmission (I think) started malfunctioning. It would rev and shake but not accelerate. I noticed the tach. would show a surge. Needless to say, it was a harrowing experience, the potential for injury plus being stranded for several hours waiting for a tow and ride home. The service kept. at the dealer gave me a loner (again) and I joked about moving up in the world since for loner #3 I got a Taurus instead of an Escort. I also got reimbursed for the tow. Now, I admit that sounds pretty good but now I am into my 3rd month of car problems which in my mind all started with the head gasket problem. Is it all coincidental or are my instincts right, telling me to bail? I've looked at Honda and Sennas to compare. Problem is my van is almost paid for and I looked forward to no car payment or at least purchase a used car for my teenager in the interim. I suspect I won't get much in trade or invoice price with the imports. Am I right? I shudder to think I will have to deal with Ford again and again. I have had lip service from their Customer Relationship Center for the most part (how do you like their mail form letter?) and most recently a letter telling me they appreciate my frustration, etc. He, just buy my Wind star back and let me move on!
    Any advice?
  • DO what I did and post a homepage about your problems and the dealer. It has finally gotten me somewhere. The general manager is trading me out of my van and putting me in a suv. I sent the homepage to him once a week so he could see how many hits it got. No more salesmen to deal with, just the General Manager now. Just a suggestion.
  • cope5cope5 Posts: 1
    We purchased a 1999 Ford Windstar SE in May 1999. We have 38K miles (2K past warranty). The van overheated on me this week. No warning lights appeared. The temperature gauge did however register "H". Unfortunately, I did not notice the temp gauge while on the highway. We had the van towed to the dealership. We were told the "freeze plugs" were the cause of the leak. Not a major problem but it was good we caught it. However, according to the service guy, this is not supposed to happen. In order to get to the freeze plugs they have to drop the transmission. Being we are out of warranty (only by 2K miles, Ford will cover 80% and we pay 20% which amounts to about $80. Anybody have any similar problems?
  • ckreiterckreiter Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2001 LX. On my 99 LX, the interior lights would illuminate when you unlocked the doors with the remote entry pad. The dealer said that you need to have the keypad on the drivers door for this to work on the newer models. Does anyone have a 2001 LX that has the interior illuminated when the doors are unlocked via the remote entry or is the dealer really telling the truth?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Sales are down; negotiate hard :-)

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  • jvirginiajvirginia Posts: 65
    Awww. I really feel for Ford. Maybe if they treated their customers with a little respect and dignity and took some responsibility for poor workmanship and defective designs, the public might be more sympathetic. And, maybe if they hadn't given each of their assembly line workers $14,500 in bonuses over the last two years the public might also be more willing to believe their price increases are somehow justified and necessary. To borrow a phrase from history, 'If they get hungry, let them eat gaskets!'.
  • callo_callo_ Posts: 18
    however, Ford was down 14.5% for April, better than GMs 15.7% and DaimlerChryslers 17.5%
  • jvirginiajvirginia Posts: 65
    I'm still pissed at Ford for not owning up to their defective products. However, the Edmunds news story did have different figures than the ones you posted above :

    "Ford Motor Co.'s U.S. auto sales slid 16 percent in April ......
    The 16 percent skid in sales of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles included a 22 percent slide in cars and a 12 percent drop-off in trucks compared with a year ago. Formerly fast-selling, high-profit SUVs showed particular weakness. Sales of the Explorer dropped 16 percent, while demand for the Excursion tumbled 32 percent. Sales of Ford's Windstar vans plunged 35 percent"
  • callo_callo_ Posts: 18
    one thing that is common in both stories is that domestic vehicles are taking a beating. I do believe that a turn around is near. Peace
  • 1995 WS 65K miles, head gasket blew causing engine to sieze. Had van towed to local garage I use & trust for all my repairs. Garage recommended having local ford dealer assess van and recommend repair. My borther-in-law had similar problem and ford offered him kelly blue book value + 3,500 for engine replacement to use on purchase of any new ford. Has anyone had a similar experience. I need to know what my options are.
  • First time here on Edmunds... anyway, I've got a 97 Windstar GL, with 106k miles. Just the other day the transmission started downshifting sporadically - I had it towed to my mechanic who referred me to a transmission guy that he works with. Two days later I'm about to be out almost $2000 for a rebuilt tranny. Seems wrong that I would need this with only 106k miles. I've had other vans (that I towed with) go well over this.

    I've seen a couple of other postings about pepple with problems, but I haven't seen what people have done about them and/or what the final solution was.

    Any suggestions or similar situtations?

    I got this used, bought the extened warranty from the used car dealer, and it expired about 15k miles ago.

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    You may want to read and re-post your question in the Ford Windstar problems discussion topic. You may find the answer to your question there.

    Good luck,

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  • sueszosueszo Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Wind star DX with key less entry system and the interior lights come on when I unlock the doors through the key fob and they turn off when I lock the doors with the key fob. I had a 99 Wind star that worked the same way. I hope this helps with your problem.
  • jeffijeffi Posts: 11
    If I order a van now will it be a 2001 or 2002. Will the rebates and low interest rates apply to 2002 models. I am ready to purchase a SEL in the next 4 weeks.

  • I recently saw newspaper ad. for new 2001 EL
    for $25K. This price is almost $4k below invoice.
    I know there is $2000 rebate and around $1000
    dealer hold back. Is there additional incentive
    announced by Ford? I could not figure out how
    the dealership would sell 2001 EL for $4000 below
  • EL in my earlier post should read SEL. The spell
    checker changed SEL to EL
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    You have 30 minutes to make any changes or fixes after you post a message. Just click on the Edit button that follows your message after you post it.

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  • mshuttermshutter Posts: 1
    To the writer of message #411, I say tell your brother to grab the deal the local ford dealer is offering and get rid of that 95 windstar. My windstar blew its first head gasket at 53,000 miles and of course Ford told me "so sorry". Only months later did I learn of the "secret" warrranty and get ford to pay for the earlier repair bill. then I made the foolish decision to keep the van, thinking that the 100,000 mile warranty was protection enough. I started trying to sell the van at about 95,000 miles but was unsuccessful and suddenly I was at 101,000 miles when the head gasket went bad....Just how in the world does Ford design these things to go bad right after the warranty is exceeded? Simply amazing. So now I've paid the repair bill and I figure the head gasket is good for at least another 45 to 50,000 miles. With a bit of luck, I'll have is sold before I get to purchase head gasket number 3.
  • bblahabblaha Posts: 329
    Just curious. Do you know exactly what Ford did when they fixed it? I mean, details? Or did you just hand it to them and they handed it back when they "fixed" it?

    The Windstar is a bimetal engine. A blown head gasket is not unique to the Windstar, other vehicles (not even just Fords) that use bimetal engines have problems too (Neon for example).
  • vandalybay1vandalybay1 Posts: 43
    The grandparents have an Aerostar heavily modified for a wheelchair. The expensive modifications are the reason they want to keep the van. I believe it is about a 1995. Twice in hot weather (90's) and on long trips in South Dakota it has stalled. After towing the dealer looked at it and couldn't determine the cause.

    1. Is this a common occurence for other Aerostar owners?

    2. Any suggestions for a fix?

    Thank you.
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