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Ford Windstar



  • For those interested in the TV/VCR thread, we've had our 2000 Windstar for about six weeks now. Dealer had installed the aftermarket Rosen 6.4 system which we love.

    Haven't seen the stock FORD setup, but we're more than pleased with the flexibility. Standard jacks PLUS, of course, but also extremely well integrated with stock audio controls- both in the dash and in the roof. Listener have their choice of entertainment whether they are headphoned in by wire to the roof jack, wirelessly via the Rosen headphones or via the speakers in the dash and doors. We can actually have three separate media playing AT ONCE!

    I don't think the salesperson even realized this.

    As we were stuck on the Jersey turnpike on Memorial Day weekend, it became well worth it to us. Maintained family sanity.

    Highly recommend to those in the market. Screen size (6.4") is fine from the back row and the flip-up capabilty is VERY discrete. Out of sight out of mind.
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    gas pedal on my 2000 SE seems to have some play in it and it clicks and moves a few mm when you depress it before there is any resistance and any acceleration. Anyone noticed this in their car? I'm waiting till my first oil change to get it looked at but my 95 didn't do that, or any other car I've driven!
  • We are looking to replace our 97 Dodge GC Sport which we have had on lease for 42 months, 40k miles, and no problems. One small complaint is that we wish we had larger than than the 3.3 engine. We have narrowed the search to another Dodge,Windstar, or the least likely, a Honda. We are looking at a 2000 or 2001 model. Have done some examination of purchasing a Canadian vehicle and spoken to a couple of importers, to no avail, as they seem to think they should take the lion's share of the discount disparity. Is there any real possibility of purchasing a grey market vehicle at substantial savings??? Would be appreciative of any good information along this line at
  • carl54carl54 Posts: 1
    The rug in the back of my 2000 Windstar (600 miles)is "bubbled up" under the back seat. If I push down on it it goes down but springs back up. It sort of feels like there is warped paneling underneath. The dealer checked it out and said the electrical harness underneath was fine and that he examined a bunch of other Windstars and they were all the same. I have my doubts. Has anyone else encountered anything like this? Thanks.
  • birkiebobbirkiebob Posts: 19
    Back at Posts 103 and 109 I mentioned I was having tie rod ends changed in my '98 GL, and that the radio whine @2500rpm under electrical load would be subject of a DSB hearing. The tie rod ends were replaced, ALONG with a right-front bearing and hub assembly I wasn't even aware of (dealer noticed it). Handling is much tighter now. At the same time the dealer also took one last shot at the annoying radio whine that appears around 2500rpm with the lights on and the a/c on (I drive this way frequently). He tried a new engine wiring harness and just got done putting it in before the DSB hearing. YAY!, it worked-no more whine-FINALLY-after at least ten tries by two dealers(one gave up)!! Now the interesting part: The DSB came back with a denial because they said a couple repair orders ago a noise suppression device had been installed, and since that didn't eliminate the whine it had to be a "normal characteristic of the vehicle." Needless to say I informed the DSB that the dealer had eliminated it with a new harness, therefore it is NOT normal and their DSB process is flawed. Except,... maybe the DSB contact with the dealer prompted the harness change...? I must say my faith is a bit shaken, although I love my van and it is running great right now. I just hope any more serious problems surface before my warranty runs out in about 3000K. I also asked Ford for another two years of warranty (fat chance), and I did write the dealer/service manager and commend him for "never giving up trying." End of this saga...for now.
  • avsavs Posts: 1
    I bought my windstar in 98. It is GL model with 3.8L engine. It has 13600 miles and never had any problems until few days ago. One day hot summer day, it just stopped on the road. I tried starting it but it refused. I had it towed to the dealer. After two days, the dealer told me the fuel pump has a electronic malfunction and the dealer changed the Fuel pump and whole gas tank (he told me that the fuel pump is also linked to gas tank electronically). It was covered in warranty. Did any one else face this problem ever. What should I do. Should I contact Ford Motor. Having such a serious problem with such a low mileage is not good. It has shaken my confidence in my van which I use to like.
  • plakeplake Posts: 1
    I am planning to buy a 2000 Ford Windstar with the 3.8 V-6. Can anyone comment on problems encountered with this vehicle
  • hale5hale5 Posts: 1
  • michaelg4michaelg4 Posts: 1
    I had a engine noise (Spark Knock) noise from my 99 3.8 engine. After much persistance on my part, my dealer installed a new engine. I just picked it up yesterday and so far so good. The service manager insists that I always use 87 octane gas (despite what we've always been told). Luckily I had documents from earlier visits to the shop telling me to use a higher octane gas to correct the noise problem. The higher ocatne gas resulted in a major build up of carbon which eventually damaged the pistons.
  • wacdmcwacdmc Posts: 1
    We recently purchased a 2000 SE. Right away, we noticed the engine sometimes failed to start right away. The starter would crank perfectly but it would take 2-3 times or 4-5 seconds to start. Other times, it would start perfectly with one turn of the key. Once running, the van is great. Of course, the dealer can only diagnose problems by hooking up the computers and if it doesn't kick out a code, they don't have a clue. They did reproduce the extended start but did not determine a cause. I had it checked on out FL to NY trip last week and have not had the time to get it to my dealer here in FL. Anyone had a similar problem and if so, what did they fix? I have a hunch it is a fuel pressure regulator that may be letting the pressure drop in the fuel system. Thanks.
  • zim5zim5 Posts: 5
    Greetings Everyone. I'll be traveling to the
    Jersey Shore in August and I was wondering if
    anyone can recommend a good trunk mounted bike
    rack that would hold three bikes. I have a 98
    Windstar LX and I don't have a trailer hitch.
    I need the space on the roof rack for luggage.
    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Alot of people are talking about their windstar problems so i'll talk about mine. I used to have a 1998 it got 40,000 miles before trading it in. I never had any problems with it. I really like my new 2000 but it does have its falts. About a month after purchasing it its main computer failed, which ford replaced with no problems. The brakes squeak and ford says there is nothing wrong, its not that bad though. I still really like the van and wouldn't get any other van than the windstar.
  • dwible1dwible1 Posts: 1
    I looked up a link on this topic but not sure of answer. I am looking for a site to tell me the loan value of a vehicle.

    I know edmunds does this but is that what a bank would loan someone?

    thanks in advance.
  • bdemasbdemas Posts: 51
    Does anyone know if rear mudflaps are standard on this model? The sales literature I have doesn't indicate one way or the other. The pictures show some with some without.
  • raykrolraykrol Posts: 2
    I've had a 2000 Windstar for the last 6 months and I love it. No maintenance problems, it runs great and I like how much room (interior) it has. I have been up in the "Poconos, PA" during the last winter and it has handled great. I hope to keep this Ford Windstar for many years.
  • kr70kr70 Posts: 1
    In response to post 133, I just had my fuel injector replaced on a 99 Windstar SE. It took 4 days. The car is barely one year old and has 14K on it. Is this normal? I'm now a very nervous Ford owner.

    I am also have difficulty with the audio system. Anyone with these issues or solutions in how to work with Ford dealers? Thank you.
  • bblahabblaha Posts: 329
    I don't know if you still need an answer to your question or not. Banks use their own policy, so you're not going to find a site that tells you exactly what a bank will do; many however will lend up to 100% of the blue book value. Kelly Blue Book is typically used. The best way to get an answer to your question is to ask the bank or CU. They can tell you what their policy is.
  • ola1ola1 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Windstar with 41,000 miles. I just replaced the transmission @ acost 0f $2675. It has 6 months left on the warranty and Ford will not assist in the repair because it is over 36,000 miles.I have seen reports of this problem elsewhere but none here.
  • sutohesutohe Posts: 1
    Has anyone with the 2000 Windstar experiencd problems with the power steering (loose bolts, the pump assembly or the power steering rack)?
  • homer61388homer61388 Posts: 54
    My question is how well does a Windstar with traction control compare up against a chrysler TC with AWD. Because I work with someone who is considering these two vans and is wondering how they travel in the snow. She's kind of leaning to the windstar because of the safty it promotes and because it will have better fuel economy then an AWD TC. Can anyone give me info on this question?

    Another question I have is can you carry a 4x8 piece of plywood in the windstar? Because her husband does a lot of work with houses and knows the TC can but is wondering about the windstar?
  • I have one of the dreadful 1995 Windstars. Have already been through the head gasket problem and currently working with the transmission failure. The transmission has been rebuilt three times in past six months. The scenario is that things are working fine then the overdrive light begins blinking, 4th gear is gone, then third fails leaving only 1st & 2nd. The last time even 1st & 2nd failed. Aamco claims the tranny is being sent a bad signal by the car's computer but Ford cannot diagnose any such bad sensors. Anyone else with similar experiences?
  • 2akitas2akitas Posts: 19
    We had a similar problem. We never had to rebuild, our tech found our battery was not up to snuff and the alternator was weak. He said the computer needs constant, strong power to function. Ours seems to be doing good now. All we did was repace the battery. Just out of curiosity, have your battery tested. By the way, we use a private mechanic, no more dealing with Ford!
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    2akitas has a good idea. Does AAMCO want to replace the computer? It is pretty simple to do. I took the EEC out of my Ford vehicle to install a superchip and returned it to the vehicle in 60 minutes.

    If the shop wants to do this, make the following deal with them. They replace the computer, but if that doesn't work, they re-install your original computer and all you pay is the one or two hours of labor. It should be about an hour as there is one connector to the computer and one or two bolts holding it in place.

    If they are certain of the diagnosis, they should have no problem with this agreement.

    But first, have the charging system and battery checked.



  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    hello windstar owners , from 1 to 10 how would you rate the new 3.8's power and refinement, 1 being worst and 10 being best. thanks----------------mattmcdill
  • PinkfloydPinkfloyd Posts: 2
    I've got a 2000 Windstar LX. The 3.8L has alot of power and torque. It could be a bit more refined in terms of noise when accerlating. It doesn't strain, it's just a bit noisy. I rate it a 8.
  • honkenhonken Posts: 4

    I have bought a ford windstar -99 3.0.

    Is this a good car? I have not get it yet.

    Please excuse my poor english.

  • madmackmadmack Posts: 39
    The radio stays on when the keys are removed from the this normal? Have CD with rear media controls.
  • bdemasbdemas Posts: 51
    madmack: It's normal, the radio will stay on for about 10 minutes as long you don't open any doors.
  • I need help from "KENT25 and ANIGHTMARE" Please E-MAIL me so I can understand your sceanrio with FORD leading to the "buyback"
  • honkenhonken Posts: 4
    What is the most usual problem with a Ford Windstar -98?


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