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Carfax versus Autocheck? TSB info? And, Gold Warranty

kellmackellmac Posts: 10
I originally posted these questions in another thread (see link below) and I got some responses on my warranty question but I’m re-posting here hoping to get information on Carfax versus Autocheck

Subaru Added Security
fendertweed, "Subaru Added Security" #11, 17 Jul 2009 12:08 pm

My mom is shopping for a used '09. In the past I have used Carfax but I now know the information is mostly limited to public records, which may be incomplete.
I have heard that Autocheck is affiliated with Equifax and therefore there is more information. Which would seem to imply that they are using purchase information. Somehow that seems like a violation of privacy but that sort of database would likely be more comprehensive.
Has anyone had any experience with Autocheck? Any rants or raves? The one criticism I read somewhere was from someone that gave their subscription pretty heavy use and it was terminated for suspicion of commercial purposes.
Also, is anyone aware of any Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) on the 09s, or does it matter since the vehicle would be under warranty?
Also, can someone give me a quick refresher on the difference between Subaru Added Security (SAS) and the Gold Plus extended B to B warranty? I get the impression that SAS covers routine maintenance, is that correct? How much extra is that? Is it worth the extra money? Would a used Subaru be eligible?
Finally, I'm surprised I haven't seen any posts here regarding significant savings off of the retail price on the Gold Plus. The last time I bought a Subaru Gold Plus I got a quote from Stacy Subaru (Brattleboro VT) and used it to negotiate with the dealer I was buying from (they matched the quote). I forget the exact numbers but I think I saved 40% to 45% off of retail.


  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I've seen a few wrecks missing from a CarFax report of cars I've sold. I provide a report with a sale for the buyer.

    Have not tried Autocheck.
  • well, autocheck claims that they report 2 times more accidents than carfax, and they charge significantly less money (29.99 for 2-3 months unlimited instead of 39.99 for carfax which is one month unlimited), those are two reasons to try carcheck vs.carfax. i have had both in the past and must admit that the user interface of carfax is a bit better than autocheck, though that doesn't warrant the extremely expensive carfax price.
    i do like the autocheck "score" given to each vehicle in comparison with other vehicles of the same kind.
    if you would like to see a sample autocheck let me know.
  • no6thgearno6thgear Posts: 2
    Could you do a carfax on ja3xe74c2my018261 for me? [email protected] Much is appreciated.
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    Subau Added Security is`Subarus extended warranty, subaru also sell a prepaid maintenance program which is separate. The Gold SAS provides close to b2b warranty - wear items eg brakes, bulbs, belts are not covered plus some other stuff.
    you can buy it anytime before the factory 3/36 warranty ends.
    I got my moneys worth on a 98 legacy, barely broke even on a 02 WRX (but that still only has 55K miles though its over 8 years old), and I am close to braking even on an 06 tribeca already and I still have 2 years and 40K miles to go before the ext warranty on that is out.
  • car56car56 Posts: 5
    could u please do carfax or autocheck on JM3TB28A190176303 and send the
    report [email protected] I really appreciate. thanks.
  • kitolkitol Posts: 1
    I'd really like to see a true sample of Autocheck,. The preliminary reports i've compared on a couple cars for sale showed carfax had doulbe the number of entries, vs Autocheck.
    but that's often just the emissions testing ownership changes... so i'm confused as to whether autocheck is up to snuff. I'm afraid it might not be, considering carfax had double the entries for a 12 yr old car.
  • jdugalsjdugals Posts: 1
    Hi All,
    I just ran the preliminary report on both autocheck and carfax.
    Autocheck came up with 5 records.
    Carfax came up with 12 records.

    the vin number is: 2FAFP71W8XX228380

    Why the large difference? The car was a police owned car so it can't be too much on the sales portion...I would not think
    Any thoughts?
    [email protected]
  • rebel71rebel71 Posts: 87
    Regarding the Gold warranty, it covers many more items than the standard. If you plan to keep the car for a long time it might be worth it. I purchased my first extended warranty (gold) and I like having the comfort of it should something go wrong, it's much like car insurance. TSB can be found on under "My Subaru" technical information, it'll provide you w/ a lot of knowledge. The second site I use is, It lists complaints from owners, tsb's, crash scores, recalls. They are both great sites.
  • aibrahimaibrahim Posts: 1
    I am thinkin of buying a lexus GS350. I need the history of the car though because it seems to have a really low price for such a low mileage. I'll be glad if anyone with access can send the result of a carfax search to [email protected] The VIN is JTHBE96S670019300
  • chimicutchimicut Posts: 1
    can somebody run the carfax on this vin: wbavc535x8fz85317 and e-mail it to [email protected] I ran autocheck but carfax has 2 more records and i want to know what they are before i buy the car. Thanx
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Did you see what those 7 things were? Could be insignificant entries.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    This discussion is NOT for people to post VINs and ask for free reports from others with paid accounts from the services. It is ONLY for discussing the two services in relation to Subarus.

    Previous requests have been removed, as will any subsequent ones.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • My Outback's transmission spewed fluid the other day when I was on the highway. I immediately stopped and had it towed. Dealership says it has a leak -- no more info. Anyone had a similar problem?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    No, and I follow all the Subaru threads. That's the first case that I can recall. At least it's under powertrain warranty, right?
  • Hi, I have used the unlimited autocheck+autoguard and have been very happy with it. I got it from :

    The site has samples and explanation too.
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