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i have a 00 town and country lxi and i removed the factory stereo to put in a pioneer and it won't work, the fuses on the stereo, under the instrument panel, and under the hood are fine. I have tried the braided ground and the single clip ground(mine has both) and i have tried them together then i gave up and put the factory back in and it doesn't work now either. not to mention my int. lights only work when the headlights are on and the locks won't lock or unlock when i turn and hold the key, all of this worked before i removed the stereo. can someone please help me.


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    how do i get the DVD player to play on the front screen while i am driving down the road. my saleman told me there was a code that would enable it????
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    I have an 08 T&C. Trying to upload photos to display through the entertainment system. The process seems to go as instructed, using a flash drive connected to the USB port. However after I get through all the steps, and the photo seems to be copied to the HDD, no photo appears. Any suggestions?
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    My dealer recently replaced the radio in my 2008 Town & Country, and has not been able to get Grace Notes to download properly to enable the hard drive to label any artists or tracks (songs) to be identified after Cd's are loaded. The only labels are numeric, which precludes you from identifying what you want to listen to. The Chrysler dealership recognizes the problem and has not found a remedy after numerous attempts to fix matters? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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