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Toyota Venza Sunroof

steffi603steffi603 Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Toyota
I was interested in a 4cyl AWD 2009 Venza. I wanted to add the sunroof as an option. When I asked the dealer about this they said they could not do this because of safety issues??? On the toyota website it lists the sunroof as an option to purchase. Is the dealer BSing me or is the sunroof option not available on the 4cyl as I was told by the dealer. This is very disappointing.


  • The sunroof in theory appears to be available as an option for the 4cylinder AWD Venza. Whether or not Toyota elects to build this combination is another question. I have only seen the sunroof on 6 cylinder models. Both the AWD and the sunroof will add weight making the vehicle somewhat slower.
  • Sounds like the dealer was BS'ing you or trying to sell what they had in stock. I have a 4cy Venza with the moonroof, and when the dealer did a search there were 4cy AWD's out there with moonroofs, :D so take what they have to say with a grain of salt and get what you really want...don't settle for anything less.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    I wanted to add the sunroof as an option. When I asked the dealer about this they said they could not do this because of safety issues???

    I'm guessing that the dealer thought you were asking if they could install a sunroof as a non-factory option? There are after-market companies that do that type of work, but I'd be leery of a non-factory install and it has nothing to do with it being a 4-cylinder model.

    Have you tried looking at other dealer's inventory to see what's available?
  • I did try looking at what 2009 inventory is still left. It looks like in Northern New Jersey only the 6 cyl AWD model comes with a standard sunroof. I was just confused because I shopped around at a couple of dealers and 1 said we can install a sunroof in the 4 cyl no problem. They were actually going on and on about how great their sunroof installer was, and then the last dealer I went to told me the "safety issues" story. I just want to make sure what I want is truly available. It looks like others on this board do have a 4 cyl w/sunroof.
  • I purchased a 2009 Venza in May. It's a 4-cylinder FWD. I have both the sunroof that opens over the front passengers, and also the panoramic moonroof over the rear passengers. So I know this model exists, and it really is a nice feature. Hope this helps.

    I live in North Dakota, so if I can find it here, you shouldn't have any trouble finding it elsewhere.
  • provsuv1provsuv1 Posts: 2
    Why is toyota behind in offering intrigrtaed turning signal mirrows as an option . everybody is offerings now days.
  • provsuv1provsuv1 Posts: 2
    why tri-zone climate control is not offer as an option. It would be nice specially with the spacious 2nd. row and trunk area. The Toyota Highlander offers it ?
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