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Pontiac Vibe Climate Control

wallyuwlwallyuwl Member Posts: 166
edited July 2014 in Pontiac
We go through blower motors like crazy on our 2003 Vibe (have one now with a lifetime warranty and have to switch it out every four months). Even with OEM ones we went through once every eight or mine months until we got an aftermarket with a lifetime warranty. Anyone else have this problem? Or know of a bulletin or anything relating to it?

Also, anyone know where to get new door weather seals (not the ones on the door itself, the ones on the main car body) online for this vehicle? They are $90 each through the dealer and the ones in the back have shrunk and need to be replaced, and both front ones are torn a little and should be replaced in the next several months.



  • poundopoundo Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Vibe with 43K. The compressor made screeching noises and then locked up. With the engine idling, it stalls when I turn the air on. I observed the clutch engaging followed by immediate engine stall. My guess is that the compressor has locked up due to friction and has contaminated the system with metallic particles. I bought a new compressor. I'm going to have a shop do the repair because I don't have the equipment or experience to recover freon, pull a vacuum and recharge a system properly. My question is: What other components MUST be replaced because of metal particle contamination? ie expansion valve, evaporator, accumulator, drier canister, etc. Is there a replaceable filter somewhere in this system? Any help would be appreciated, thanks..
  • poundopoundo Member Posts: 2
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