2010 Mercury Mariner Lumbar Problems

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My wife has a new 2010 Premier Mariner (2 weeks old and 300 miles). She is having terrible back pain since driving this car. When I adjustment the lumbar support, not much happens from the softest to hardest setting. There is too much support for her that hits her back in the wrong spot.
Is this normal??? Right now she cannot drive the car and I don't know what options I have.


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    An auto upholstery shop can adjust the foam, support, maybe tweak the lumbar setting, and hopefully make it fit better.

    Your dealer may be able to recommend a shop and maybe you could even talk them into working out a discount for any recommended fix.

    There are some lumbar support cushions available at Walgreen-type stores (cheap) or more expensive ones made from memory foam that some people have good luck with. Tempur-pedic is one brand, and they run around $90.

    The pedals should be parallel with the seat but that doesn't sound like the problem here.

    It's hard finding this kind of thing out on a short test drive unfortunately.
  • mrm6363mrm6363 Member Posts: 2
    Is it normal for there to be minimal difference when adjusting the manual lumbar support?

    I cannot tell much difference from each extreme setting.
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    I don't own one so it's hard to say. There's not much difference in my older Outback, or so it seems.

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    I don't have lumbar on my 2010 Mariner but I have been experiencing lower back problems ever since I got my Mariner & when driving this vehicle & now I have permanent lower back problems. I'm also having a transmisiion kit done to it right now due to transmission failure. It appears that there has been issues dating all the way back to 2005 with the transmission problems.
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    I have a 2001 Ford Escape with wonderful Lumber support that you can really tell it is changing when you turn the control. I have a 2009 Mariner that you could never tell anything was changing. I just took it in because my 36,000 bumper to bumper warranty is running out and asked them to look at the lumbar support and front windows (scribed from inside the door) the check engine light just came one. They said they were going to replace the front windows and the lumbar support that it was totally messed up. They can only tell me that the check engine light is a "Cam Code" but until they get the other parts in they aren't going to tear into it to see what exactly is wrong with it...I am getting a little scared of this vehicle...
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