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2009 MDX programmed info mysteriously erased??

pg2009pg2009 Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Acura
Hi, i have an '09 MDX purchased a few months ago, only have a few hundred miles on it but had programmed maybe a dozen addresses, XM presets, voice-activated phone numbers to dial and changed screen/program settings and preferences, and added a PIN.

Started car today after not having driven it for a few weeks and all of this was gone - only things remaining were home address (but without phone #) and bluetooth link to my phone - everything else was gone!

Any idea what would cause this?? I was using same key I normally use, battery hadn't died/no other issues w the car. What could have caused the whole system to reset?


  • Hi,

    I've had this happen a two times on my 09 Tech/Ent as well. In my case, for some random reason, the car did not properly detect that driver 1 was entering the car. In my case, I noticed because all my radio station presets were missing.

    No problem. Turn off the car, and re-enter. Make sure on the little screen it says "Welcome" AND "Driver 1".

    Hope that helps if it's similar to your case.
  • pg2009pg2009 Posts: 2
    Got it, thanks. And yup, that appears to have been the issue - I put in the key this afternoon and everything was back to normal, though interestingly, I had re-programmed 6 of the XM presets and it remembered those on one of the modes (XM2) and the original ones on XM1. Strange! Thanks for the help.
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