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Infiniti G35 G37 Car Washes, Waxes, & Care

What's everyone using to keep their cars looking great inside and out?

I've read about Mother's clay bar and synthetic waxes being very good, though I haven't tried them, and I recently started using some Meguiars Carnuba wax that turned out pretty well on my G37x that I bought 2 weeks ago. I'd like to keep it looking good for as long as possible.

A friend of mine recommended Zaino All In One with their spray on sealant. Anyone tried it?

Any recommendations for cleaning the glass/dash/leather interior too?

What's everyone else using out there?


  • members78members78 Posts: 130
    I heard good things about Zaino, too. But from what I've read, the hard core detailers use a variety of different brands depending on the particular usage.

    I'm thinking about getting the porter cable 7424 to polish the car - yes it's expensive but everyone says it's well worth it for the incredible shine. As far as clay bars, I'm going to buy a mild one to go with the Mequire's ultimate detailer spray I already own. I don't think there's much difference between brands with clay.

    With sealants and waxes, I've read so many good reviews for Poorboys, Zainos and Mcgliores (sp?). I will definitely seal the car, let it cure for a day, then apply wax (with carnauba b/c my car is a darker color) to get that wet look. Let me know which brand you use and your verdict.

    I heard Leatherique is good for the interior. That's about as much as I know about that. I will probably get sheepskin covers for the front seats, as cracking and bubbling are known issues for G seats. However, the coupe front seats have buttons, side airbags, and seat belt attachment so I might need to custom make the covers to fit...

    Oh, I bought Leather Wipes by Armorall to clean the leather in my Acura trade-in, and while it firmed up the leather, it left streaks all over. I don't think I recommend using them.

    Just so you know, at they have endless threads about detailing. Hope this helps.
  • hesaidhesaid Posts: 16
    I've been using Zaino for many years on various cars that I've owned. I've always thought it was the best - but when I tried it on my brand new G37 it didn't perform like it did on my other cars. I'm speculating that it has something to do with the self-healing paint. I started by washing the car with Dawn to strip all of the dirt and any wax that the dealer may have put on it. Then I used Meguiar's clay bar. Then I went to Zaino AIO and followed it with a quick Z6. Then I applied one coat of Z5 (car is black obsidian) followed by another coat of Z6. Then I went to Z2 followed by Z6. I found that Z6 was the only way I could get the AIO, Z5, and Z2 off. I really hated working with it Zaino this time because it was so hard to get off. And yes, I used ZFX and I did let it cure for a long time (overnight). I never had so much trouble with Zaino. But after all that my car looks great, but it doesn't bead water so great and it's not nearly as slick as my other cars. Normally if I put something on my car it just slides right off - but not on my G37. It's smooth and the finish is nearly perfect but it's not slippery like my other cars. And I'm not a noob to Zaino - I know how to use it. That's why I think it mut be something about the self healing paint. Maybe the polymers can't bind to it as well? Not sure, but I will be trying something else next time - probably Meguiar's NXT - heard some good things about it.
  • members78members78 Posts: 130
    that sucks... i just placed a $100 order with Zaino yesterday. i bought the AIO, Z-5, Sealant and Clay bar. oh well, ill just have to make due. what i liked about Zaino was the relative ease in applying the sealant and the time saved vs a paste wax.

    i wonder if using the sealant as the base, and then applying the z-5 on top would work?
  • I am also a long time Zaino user, even though I have not used some of their newer products including AIO and Z-CS, so I was a little dismayed by your post. I just took delivery of a G37 sedan, and was planning the Zaino treatment this weekend. I purchased some Z-CS and the new Z8 Grand Finale. Reading their website, it seems like I should be able to get the gloss and protection of Z2/Z5 using these 2 products and with a lot less work. I decided against the AIO since it contains a mild abrasive, and my new cars paint is already flawless.

    After reading your post, I decided to go straight to the source...I just got off the phone with Sal, the founder and owner of Zaino. I told him about the issues you were having and that you were an experienced Zaino user. He said that the Infiniti paint is more susceptible to 'overload' (using too much product) than some other paints, and suspected that you may have been using too much product. According to Sal, you should barely be able to see the product on the paint surface as it dries. He also suggested that if you are having trouble removing product, try using a cotton towel moistened with water, not Z6, followed by a dry towel. Hope this helps.

    I will keep everyone posted with the results I get.
  • hesaidhesaid Posts: 16
    Yeah, I used about 1.25 ounces to do the whole car and believe me that isn't much. If I had used too much his comments could explain why I had a problem getting the product off but not why it's not "slippery" like my other cars. I just want to be clear that I'm not criticizing Zaino at all. I still love the stuff - but for some reason it just doesn't work as well on my G. One other thing I need to point out is that I live in Florida. And it's hot here - that never affected my other cars but I'll try Zaino again when it cools down a little more. By the way, I had some left over NXT (Meguiars) that I rubbed on over the Zaino - it didn't feel any different than the Zaino when I removed it. So I really just think it's something with the Infiniti paint - maybe that's just the way it feels. Maybe I'm just used to the way it feels on the Hondas I've owned and maybe it's perfectly normal for it to feel this way. I do notice that the Infiniti has less of an "orange peel" texture than the Honda - not much less but a little. Lastly, I just want to emphasize that the appearance of the paint is beautiful after Zaino. I didn't intend to disappoint anyone so please, tell us your experience with Zaino - maybe it's just me :)
  • members78members78 Posts: 130
    do you guys think it's safe to use window cleaner to remove a sticker on the back panel of my car? the dealer decided to advertise his dealership with a sticker on my car. ive removed decals from windows with window cleaner, but im afraid the infiniti scratch shield coat will react violently with window cleaner. any suggestions?
  • hesaidhesaid Posts: 16
    The best way to get those decals off is to get a hair dryer and get the decal really warm (hot). That melts the glue and you should just be able to loosen it with your fingernail and pull it off. If any adhesive remains I'd use some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to get it off.
  • members78members78 Posts: 130
    thanks hesaid. i actually went back to the dealership to give them a bank check, and had the detailing guys take it off. i didnt see how they did it, but it was gone with minimal faint scratches. i polished the scratches away, though.

    i spent 3 hours detailing the car with Zaino products. i must say my car looks spectacular, but this is coming from a guy who never detailed his previous car, so anything is an improvement. And the car was brand spanking new, so i didnt have to clay or use an abrasive polish.
  • Well,,,,,I own the car about 2 months and today I noticed the first chips on the front portion of the hood. Has anybody used and been happy with the clear bra that they sell for cars? If so,,,,what brand did you put on? I read alot about the 3-m film........
  • Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,,,,,now I have been researching and am reading quite a bit about putting that chip-guard clear coat paint on the car. Any opinions/ideas on this product??????
  • addamsaddams Posts: 74
    Thank you for contacting 3M.

    I do not have any direct experience with the Infiniti Scratch Shield Paint.
    However, I would be cautious covering this with a film. The self healing
    properties of the clear coat indicate that it is not cross-linked/cured and
    may have outgassing as the clear coat ages. This outgassing could result in
    bubbles trapped beneath the clear coat and Paint Protection Film.


    Mike Kim
    3M Company, Automotive Division Lab
    Building 209-2N-01
    Phone: 651-736-6922
  • well, we will see what happens. i have an 09 model and 3M clear bra installed, so i hope installing it was worthwhile.
  • I had my local shop install a clear bra a few weeks ago, shortly after I took delivery of my '09 G37 Journey. The guy that did my install uses a product by Avery called StoneShield. He did a great job on the install (he actually travels the country teaching others how to do it).

    The film itself does have a fair amount of 'texture' to it, also known as orange peel. There are other films out there, some with less orange peel, but he feels that the StoneShield holds up better over time.

    The above post about the comments from the 3M rep was interesting, and set me to scouring the internet to find out more about the Infiniti Scratch Shield paint..not much out there that explains exactly what it is and how it works. I do know that after a few weeks, my clear bra shows no signs of any bubbling from 'outgassing', and I doubt that it ever will.

    One thing that is of the 2010 models, Infiniti will be discontinuing the Scratch Shield paint...I wonder why? I also found out that they have entered into an agreement with a company that will see this technology applied to cell phones!
  • that is really odd that infiniti is discontinuing the scratch shield. makes me think there is something wrong with it... and it doesn't bode well that no other luxury makes use it. leaves me with some concerns...
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    I agree. As an new owner of a G37S, this has me wondering also.

    Best thing to do is keep track of any issues (maybe on this forum) and, if it looks like the longevity of the paint is questionable, start raising a stink with Infiniti and the FTC. Whether the paint is covered by Infiniti's warranty or not, there's such a thing as "implied merchantability" (or something like that), that basically says that even if a guarantee is not explicitly stated, there's an implied warrantee as to the reasonable usability of the product someone buys.
  • I just came out of an Audi S4---cannot believe how soft the Infiniti paint is, it is simply impossible to keep as clear as I could the much harder Audi paint. You even look at the black Infiniti paint and it swirls--this was confirmed by the very experienced detail guy i hired--if you are considering a G, don't get a dark color, the paint is simply too soft too take care of. I understand why they would discontinue this product. :cry:
  • I have no direct knowledge of how 'soft' the Infiniti scratch shield paint (ssp) is compared to other contemporary clear coat finishes. One thing I do know is that swirl marks do not just happen...they are the result of improper materials and/or techniques. By materials, I mean what you use to wash and wax/buff your car. You need to be using either 100% cotton made in the USA (imported cotton may contain polyester fiber which can cause scratches/swirls, or high quality microfiber cloths (the cheap one can also scratch).

    Here is the process I use, which will eliminate the chance of scratching/swirling the paint. When washing, I thoroughly rinse the entire car to get off as much loose dirt as possible. I have one bucket filled with water/car wash solution (I use Zaino products), and a 2nd bucket filled with just water. I use 100% cotton wash towels made especially for this task. Even if the towels are all cotton, the edging can contain polyester, which can scratch. I have a supplier who makes towels 16 x 20 inches in size, and cuts off the edging and re-sews with cotton thread so that the edges don't unravel (if anyone is interested, I can provide contact info for this supplier). I wash one panel at a time, and rinse the wash cloth in the bucket containing only water to keep the cloth as clean as possible. Dirt particles in the cloth can scratch.

    After the final rinse, I dry the car with a high quality waffle weave microfiber cloth. I use the Zaino cotton applicators to apply wax, and high quality microfiber cloths to remove it (I use to use larger cotton towels from the same supplier, but have found that microfiber works better at removing wax). Classic Motoring Accessories ( has a great microfiber cloth available called Perfect Shine Buffing Cloths...very soft and high quality.

    Swirls are basically just circular scratches, so if you use the proper wash technique along with non-scratch materials, you can completely avoid swirl marks, even in dark colors.

    As far as the ssp, I have provided a link below which gives some information about how it works. Notice that it claims to be more scratch resistant than conventional clearcoats...interesting. As to why it is being discontinued, I dunno. It's possible that it could actually be a cost-cutting move, and those of us who have it actually have a superior finish. I have not been able to find any actual complaints about ssp, other than you thinking that it swirls easily. One thing I have found out is that if an Infiniti vehicle with ssp needs paint work (maybe after being in an accident), the shop needs to be aware of how to do the work properly. The ssp behaves differently when being high speed buffed, and special techniques are needed. I linked to a discussion about this also.

    link about ssp ">link title

    link to discussion link title
  • Yes, I know. (use Zaino products as well, been very happy with them).

    Reason my car was getting detailed was that dealer prep put the swirls in the paint (someone used dirty rag when removing transport wrap). BUT, agree with the detailer at the dealership that this paint is softer than my Audi.
  • Sorry to hear. I told my salesman that when my car came in, I wanted them to remove the exterior shipping wrap, but I did not want anyone washing/detailing the car. It was a little extra work on my part, but the paint is now flawless. Everytime I bring it in for service, I will ask that the car not be washed. It seems odd that Infiniti claims that the paint is self healing (implying a certain degree of 'softness'), but also makes the claim that the paint is more scratch (swirl) resistant than traditional 'hard' clearcoats.
  • Can you please give us supplier/web site for the above mentioned cotton towels?

  • addamsaddams Posts: 74
    And it seems odd no Infinitis are using the scratch shield in 2010{as far as I can tell} and infiniti won't say why.
  • This guy lives in Tennessee but can ship nationwide. He also is a supplier of Zaino products. It's basically him and his wife running a side business, but the products I've gotten from him are high quality. I use the 20 x 14 cotton towels for washing (CDT4 on the order form), and the 20 x 28 (CDT2) for drying and wax removal (even though, as I mentioned above, I am starting to utilize some microfiber products. I think the thick cotton does an even better job of drying than the waffle weave microfiber towels). The finger towels (FAP) are like small wash mitts that fit over 4 fingers...good for washing wheels, exhaust tips, etc.

    link to order form
  • I ran across a recent post that indicated at least some of the 2010 models sold in Canada will have ssp, though I can't confirm this.
  • the other day i did a stupid thing. i was at the gas station pumping fuel, and i decided to clean the windows down with a squeegee. i got some water on the car, so i took the 'seemingly soft' paper towel they provide, and gently wiped the surface dry. lo and behold, i saw swirl marks where i had done the deed. i was so beside myself because i have had the car only what, 2 or 3 weeks, had done numerous pain-staking details and had applied 4 coats of sealants, only to do something stupid like use a non-microfiber cloth.

    well, this story has a happy ending. turns out, after a few hours, i noticed the swirl marks had disappeared. i assume the heat from the engine encouraged the scratch shield to do its job, b/c this happened at night and there was no sun to hasten the ssp.

    while this may seem like a testament to ssp, and the technology did work as advertised, i wonder if this whole experience could have been avoided with regular paint?
  • Just checking in to see how you made out with the Zaino????
  • addamsaddams Posts: 74
    Is there some site that has the right info on waxing and detaining scratch shield paint? Infiniti was no help.
  • On the G37, I found quite a few small waterspots on the upper surfaces after washing/drying, so I decided to give the Zaino AIO (all in one) a try. I had just used this product for the first time on my '07 Honda Accord (whose paint had been neglected as of late) and was very impressed with it. Any abrasives in it are very fine and will not cause any swirling in the is more of a chemical cleaner. Took the water spots right off. In the future, I will also use this for spot cleaning bug splats and bird poop. It is important to get these off of the paint as soon as possible as they can cause permanent damage. Use a damp microfiber cloth to gently remove as much as possible, then the Zaino AIO with a soft dry microfiber cloth to remove any remaining residue.

    I then applied 2 coats of Z2 (enabled with ZFX). After removing each coat of Z2, I followed with a Z6 wipedown. I then tried the Zaino Z-CS clear seal for the first time and I like it. Very easy to apply...just wipe on (VERY sparingly) and let it dry. Finally, a quick wipe down with Z8 Grand Finale...the car now glows! The overall feel of the paint is fairly slick, but maybe not as slick as on other cars I have used Zaino on...must be the Infiniti paint.

    As hesaid had noted earlier, Zaino removal (AIO, Z2, etc) did seem more difficult on the Infiniti paint. As I have mentioned previously, I usually use the 100% cotton towels to remove Zaino, but it took more effort this time around. I ordered several of the Perfect Shine microfiber buffing cloths from, and found that these made the removal much easier. I will now use the smaller cotton towels for washing, the larger cotton towels for drying, and microfiber for wax removal and glass care. Here is a link to the microfiber cloths...very high quality, very soft, and they are hemmed in microfiber instead of polyester thread so the edges will not scratch either (and no, I do not have any affiliation with the company!).

  • I think you're at the right place! Just use your favorite car wash solution and wax, and use either 100% cotton cloths (made in USA only), or high quality microfiber (not the ones you find in Wal-Mart, etc) for washing and waxing.
  • Hey, pkhoopes, I have been using the AIO as well. Do you find that the Z2 provides a better shine/seal? I still have quite a bit left, but switched to the AIO for ease of use (no mixing). And agree that the Z8 really makes a difference, had been finishing with Z6 but now always do a final coat with the Z8.

    And thanks for the link!
  • It's hard to make an objective comparison of the actual 'degree of shine' between the AIO and Z2, but I think that I would give the nod to the Z2. As far as sealing, I think they both work well. I was not originally planning on using the AIO on my new G37 since I knew the paint was in good shape already and knowing that the AIO contains mild abrasives. However, when I discovered the small water spots, I decided to give the AIO a try (knowing that it was safe to use on new paint having just tried it on my Honda), and it worked well. I did use the zfx since I was going to be applying 2 coats of Z2 back to back, but of course you can just apply the Z2 by itself if you have plenty of drying time available.

    I have a feeling that the AIO and Z2 will have similar durability (I usually get 3-4 months with Z2 before I notice the water drops are not beading as well). My original hope was to use the new (for me) Z-CS Clear Seal all by itself and save myself some work, but in the end I think that a few coats of Z2, followed by a coat of Z-CS, and topped with Z8 gives the best overall shine/durability performance. The Z-CS is very easy to use and is supposed to have even greater durability than Z2/Z5. I will probably just use the AIO once a year for a good cleaning of the paint, and as I mentioned before it makes a good spot cleaner for stains caused by bugs, bird poop, etc.
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