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can any one help me i have a 2000 v70 wagon 70000 abs , brake lights come on my transmission arow also comes on the speedometer stops working and then the transmission dosent down shift. we put it to a computer and a speed sensor code comes up . i found out there is a front and rear speed sensor, does any one know if this is caused by the front or rear sensor?
ythank you


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    I have a 2000 V70, the car vibrates when idling in gear. I had the front & rear lower engine mounts changed today which was recomended by the dealership, but i still have the problem, when the car is on & in neutral it does not vibrate does anyone have any suggestions?
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    My car has 208,000 miles and the exact same thing happen to me this morning. Since its been over one month, did you have this repaired? What was repaired/replaced? Any information would be helpful in my time of need.
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