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I am looking for a piece for my 2000 Lincoln LS. It snapped off. The mechanic explained this part as a "snorkel" its connects the throttle body (TBI) and the air cleaner. It may be causing the check engine light to code it as a ECG code which it will not pass inspection with this code. If someone can help or guide me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. THANK YOU!!!!


  • lincolnlover1lincolnlover1 Member Posts: 2
    I do not know the technical name for this piece but it does attach the pcv valve. Its a plastic pop on pop off part. In front of the engine. thanks again. If anyone knows of any junk yard that has these cars please let me know.
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    I took my 2001 LS V8, 3.9L to a wannabe mechanic back in March 2010. He told me that my power steering pump was bad and needed a new one. He stripped the hydraulic pump cooling fan hose (part number 8c635) when removing it and I’ve not been able to find one . We’ve tried to order online but all orders are backed up until the year 2016. The reason is that the company that Lincoln hired to manufacturer the part is no longer in business. We tried several places to retro fit one but the threads are not compatible with the pump fan and keeps leaking. I’ve attached a picture of the hose and the pump fan. I’ve search hundreds of salvage yards but the engines are removed with the power steering pumps and lines intact. LOOKING FOR this PART PLEASE HELP OR REFER IF YOU CAN!!! THANK YOU
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    Change it to an electric fan. Common upgrade.
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