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Toyota Venza Seats

Does Toyota offer Venza with black leather interior? I mean in their site they dont offer it. The only choices available are gray and ivory, who offers cars in two light colors?


  • cd2359cd2359 Posts: 3
    I hope they have black leather too.....The venza we checked comes with the light gray leather interior, already dirty just for showing to ppl....
  • I own a Venza with a light gray leather interior. The shade of gray is close to that in my 2003 BMW, which has held up pretty well with only annual cleaning and conditioning. I am satisfied with the gray leather.
    I had a black (actually called "ebony") interior on my 2001 Acura MDX which the Venza replaced and was ready for something lighter. A black interior may show less dirt but presents its own wear and appearance issues.
    In my opinion, the Venza interior is already somewhat dark with black carpeting, tinted rear windows and a large black dash. I would find a black leather interior with this combination to be cave like.
    One more note, my wife and I initially did not want the sunroof, but are now pleased our Venza has one as it brightens the interior. If a Venza is ever offered with black leather interior, I would strongly endorse the sunroof option.
  • I went to the dealer today, the problem is the gray is even lighter than I thought. I have a black leather in my Lexus and it's still like new after 10 years, on the other hand I have gray leather on my company car and you cant even look at it after 2 years. Unfortunately I have to pass on Venza just because of theinterior color!
  • cd2359cd2359 Posts: 3
    This is sad to hear.

    I think Venza is a pretty good car and I will still get it even though they don't come with darker interior. michiganmike1 said he is satisfied, I will take his words and go for it.
  • michiganmike1,
    You raise some good points about the lighter color seats helping to brighten the interior of the Venza. Most of my vehicles have come with either light gray or black leather interiors and I definitely prefer the lighter colors. I don't find any problem keeping it clean - but maybe I'm just a bit more careful about how much dirt and grime I track into the vehicle with me. One point to consider about a black interior is your local climate. I have heard that many people steer away from a black exterior color because it is too hot in the summer sun. My experience is that it's not so much the exterior color, but the interior color. A black leather seat will seriously burn your butt on a hot summer's day. I always lay a towel on the seat or go out of my way to park in the shade. And that black seat will hold that heat for hours, whereas the lighter color seats seem to cool down more quickly. I also have a Lexus IS with black seats that are cooled - this helps a bit, but there is still the initial pain of a very hot seat.
  • There is a wealth of information available on protecting and preserving leather seats. See for example Maintaining Leather
    I have read forums where other owners have stated their gray leather seats still look like new after 7 years or more despite insults from children, pets and careless passengers. It seems shortsighted to rule out an otherwise desireable car because of potential concerns how light colored leather seats may wear, but that is each prospective buyer's decision. I also note that other parts of the seat, such as bolsters, are likely to show wear as well as the leather surface, so preserving that new seat look and feel for many years does not depend upon color alone. Finally, if you insist on black leather, there are aftermarket sources that will add leather in whatever color you desire. You may find the cost is not much more than the leather package for the Venza. Search "aftermarket leather seats" via Google for examples.
  • halwickhalwick Posts: 45
    I have a Venza with a Golden Umber Mica exterior and Ivory interior and Ivory cloth seats. Originally wanted leather seats but didn't want to pay $4K as part of Premium #2 package. Dealer quoted $2K for aftermarket leather seats. Installing leather seats meant ripping out the cloth seats and replacing with leather.

    Instead, got Clazzio perforated leather seat COVERs for $500 including installation. Includes both front and rear seats, both front and rear headrests and rear seat center console. Here's their website:

    The seat cover is specifically designed for the Venza and fits very tightly. Selected Ivory color and is a very close match to the factory leather seat. Friends couldn't tell the difference.

    I'm happy with it.
  • Hi halwick, I was just wondering if it is possible for you to upload some pics of your clazzio interior. I saw on the sight that a light grey closely resembling stock leather is available for the venza, Is it that Ivory that you got? Personally I would rather get the black leather, but all the seat belts & some accsessories are the same color as the seats making it look a bit tacky. An option would be to remove all these parts & paint them black, but I would rather not. If I saw that ivory interior, I might just go for that color.
    Heres a video of the black interior being installed,
  • How do you upload pictures as I don't have a server to store pictures and link it to this message?

    I thought about the black seat cover or ivory outer and black inner, but the seat belts and plastic hinge cover on both sides of the center console in the back seat wouldn't match. The clazzio ivory is a close match to the surrounding ivory plastic, slightly more creamy. In fact some of my friends thought I had the cloth seats ripped out and leather seats installed; the fit is that tight. I'm real happy with it.

  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    edited May 2012
    Has anyone noticed that just above the power lumbar in the driver's seat, there seems to be no support, and that the top edge of the power lumbar can be felt? Also there seems to be an odd shape to the seat in terms of following the contour of the body. Same for passenger seat.
  • There is a TSB for a lump in the seat. Has anyone had the seat fixed? Thanks. rr70
  • Has anyone found a pillow or other work-around for the driver seat comfort issue? I thought it was just me who found it uncomfortable, I'm 6'2, 220 so not every car is comfortable anyway.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    I've used a rolled up T-Shirt in one car with okay results. Others like the fancy pillows they sell at "back" stores. And if you really want to go all out, you can ask around for an auto upholstery shop. They may be able to redo the foam in your seat to your liking or even extend the seat bottom if that's an issue.

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