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Pathfinder electric seat adjustment problem

ddllmcbddllmcb Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Nissan
The forward-back seat adjustment was working intermittently and now doesn't. When I push the actuator lever on the side of the seat, I hear a click, but no motor running and no motion. Because it was working sometimes, I don't think there is a total motor failure, and I don't think the track is blocked. Are there any simple troubleshooting steps I can take before giving my car and credit card to the Nissan dealer?



  • Hi, I struggled with this for years. Figured it was broken (2001 LE). My wife could not drive the car because it was stuck in the back position. Then I read somewhere that someone got it working again by pulling the seat forward hard while pushing the lever - I tried this (you need to wedge your hand between the seat back and push hard numerous times while pressing the lever). It now works fine - I could not believe it. The key is to never put the seat all the way back - it will get stuck again. Wife can now drive the car. I wish there was a similar fix for the cd changer, clock, etc. Still love the truck, 195K.

  • Thank you very much for the reply! It is a maddening problem for exactly the reason you cited. My wife can never be sure if she will be able to drive it or not.

    Unfortunately my situation is even more baffling. Sometimes the seat will move perfectly, full stop up and back. Other times it just clicks and will not move. I have tried pushing, but it does not help. I improved the reliability of the passenger seat by educating it with a couple thumps, but the same technique had no effect on the driver's seat. I may call Tom and Ray, but after that I may have to go to the dealer... Thanks again!
  • Yes, my passenger seat is still problematic but it's all the way back so no big deal. But the drivers side is now working after a series of very, very hard pushes forward (and up) while pressing the lever forward. (still was clicking so I knew there was a chance it might still work) I mean the car actually moved I pushed so hard (some frustration there as well, plus I read others were successful with this so I was motivated). It worked. Now, I never put the seat all the way back (gets stuck again in the back position). The thought of $500 to repair this was too much to deal with.

  • Thanks for the info and good luck!
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