Element goes to the dogs

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One for the dog lovers - Honda now offers a Dog Friendly equipment group option for the Element.

"The Dog Friendly accessory package (MSRP $995) is a dealer-installed options group that can be added to any 2009 or newer Honda Element EX model (the 2010 Element arrives in showrooms later this month).

If you live with a small-to-medium-sized dog and are considering a 2009 or newer Honda Element, the Dog Friendly accessory package has a lot to offer you and your furry pal."

Honda Goes to the Dogs With Pet-Focused Option Package for 2009/2010 Element



  • doggrandmadoggrandma IowaMember Posts: 144
    Uh-oh, I was seriously looking at these until I saw this. It is those of us with large beasts who need special vehicles for them. Surely this cannot be correct, since the picture shows a large dog on the ramp. For that matter, only large dogs need ramps.

    The other problem with the Element is that it is so short, and I wonder how safe it would be in an accident. Yes, I know it has good ratings, but those tests are done with other vehicles of the same size and weight.

    Still, this is a great concept. I have been looking to get a larger vehicle to carry my Pointer and my Lab. They don't fit well in the back seat of my car. ;)
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    Just put the rear seats in the up position and your dogs will have plenty of room. I have three 50 pounders that regularly go for runs. The only problem I've run into is that I had to install netting between the two front seats since they usually fight over the passenger seat. I also make it a habit that they enter through the rear to reduce them thinking about leaving through any of the other doors.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    "In late 2010 Honda Motor Co. said it would stop building the Element at the end of the 2011 model year. Ever since, some dog lovers and outdoor enthusiasts have been in automotive mourning for the boxy compact SUV."

    Why Do Dog Lovers Miss the Honda Element? (Wall Street Journal)
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