2000 grand prix ignition wont turn at all

jd22damianjd22damian Member Posts: 2
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00 grand prix ignition wont turn at all not with trying to foo l ithat its in park or anything money is tight so ineed an answer better than we can tow it in and it could be a couple things but i cant tell u how muc h it will cost please help me figure this out


  • dcbradleydcbradley Member Posts: 9
    Have you tried twisting the steering wheel from side to side while trying to turn the key? Are you trying to start the car, or are you trying to remove the key?

    Sometimes when the steering wheel is locked hard to the left or right position, it can prevent the key from being removed easily.
  • jd22damianjd22damian Member Posts: 2
    yes i have tried everything the key was sticking for a couple of months then got stuck and my little brother forced the key out now the ignition wont turn at all
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