Bad side of Bluetec technology

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Bluetec has a serious problem with gasoline. Even if you fill a small amount can cost you arm and leg to get rid of it, and if you run the car with gas then get ready for $6000-$ 8000 or even bigger bill. This just happened with my bluetec GL. without even starting the car costing roughly $800 to get the gas out of the car. I do not have a final figure on damages but keep watching I will update after car gets fix. Just wanted to let everybody know the bad side of this technology. Mercedes won't help with this to get the mistake fix in cheaper way.


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    Sounds like owner negligence to me.

    MB owes you nothing, sorry.
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    I think some of the folks over in the Diesels in the News discussion would be interested to hear your story too.
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    This is not a negligence and I realize when I was fueling (by the way I was on diesel pump and other hose was gas and I picked up the wrong hose) and stop did not fill up the tank. Lot of people got pumped gas in full service station, when other people are driving gas vehicle and by chance they picked up the diesel and has to fill up and made a mistake. Point here is even after realizing the mistake it cost enormous amount of money to the fix the tiny mistake. If some one drove the vehicle forget it they will commit a grave mistake of there life.
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    I will write in detail once I get my car back. so far it is rediculous. You end spending more then you will save with diesel
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