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Toyota RAV4 Brake Questions

Just traded in my EX for the RAV4 2WD 4440- Sport. (Took a huge hit too but no regrets.) Had buyers remorse the first day with the Honda mainly because of the back tailgate hood that swings open, causing collision with the runners on the house garage door. The only way around it was backing the car into the garage. As well, I couldn't get used to nor did I like the feel of the inside cabin. I felt as though I was driving a mini van....hated that. (Have to admit though, the controls and same options that are in the RAV, were nicer and more user friendly in the Honda). Seats weren't as comfortable as the RAV's but, the positioning of the seating along with the arm-rests made up for the stiff seats, making it very comfortable to drive in. But I'm still glad to be in the RAV, finally.

Question: Do other new RAV owners doubt the safety of the brake system like I do? In general, are the brakes an issue with these SUV's? Again, I'm comparing but the Honda's brakes were tight and commanding upon hitting them. With the RAV, a lot more pressure to the brakes are needed to get the car to slow down and I'm not sure I'm just comparing and, it's just a matter of getting used to the RAV or, if I should be looking into it further. It almost feels like the brakes are grinding but the car only has 120 miles on it???? Maybe it needs breaking in? The car was delivered to me from 80 miles north as the dealerships close by, currently didn't have any when I decided to do this. Can I go to any Toyota service dealer to have this checked without getting hit with a bill?


  • asantoryasantory Posts: 2
    I have a '08 V6 4WD with 2200 miles. At around 1400 I notice a slight vibration in the brake pedal when pressure is first applied. This happens in park as well as in drive.

    It feels like rubbing of metal on metal in the pedal mechanism. You can hear it and really feel it if you get down and press it with your hand. You can also feel it vibrate up the steering wheel if the car is parked. This is only happens for the first quarter of an inch of pressing.

    The dealer acknowledged the vibration and said it was normal. They said they would open a case with Toyota anyways. The dealer later said they couldn't do anything more, because Toyota didn't have anything on file to fix this problem and it wasn't considered a safety issue. The problem was suppose to be from a spring expanding and contracting. I don't know if this was Toyota's explanation or the technician's, but the springs I see are not causing the problem.

    After going back and fourth with them, they agreed to look at the pedal in more detail. They said they took the pedal assembly out, they lubed all the pivot points, bushings, springs, and it didn't change anything.

    They are still sticking with their original claim. Toyota knows about this, this is normal, there are no safety concerns.

    I have been searching the internet like crazy. I think I would find someone else question this issue if it was normal. Has anyone come across anything similar?
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    First I've heard of that one...possibly something to do with the antilock system? Try pulling the fuse/relay for the antilock and see if the vibration goes away. At least it is an easy check to do...
  • asantoryasantory Posts: 2
    I don't think it's related to the antilock system because it will also happen after I turn the car off.

    Of course I can only get a couple of pumps in before the pedal stops moving.
  • I'm currently in a major safety dilemma. I've recently had two incidents in which I've been unable to stop when attempting to brake due to the position of the "stop light switch and bracket" (termed by the Toyota dealer). The upper portion of my foot becomes hindered by this contraption, and thus I'm unable to apply full pressure to the braking system. According to the dealer, there is nothing wrong with the vehicle, I'm just gathering other consumers' comments to gauge what I may be able to do in the near future; I've already registered this complaint with NHTSA.
  • I am sorry to hear about the problem you are having with the brake peddle contraption. I have not encountered this yet. (I have a different problem.)

    Good luck to both of us!

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    You don't suppose....

    I've thought for quite some time now that initial/light braking should only use the rear brakes. With the avent of ALWAYS having a dual function brake fluid pressure control manifold at each of the front wheels braking could easily be restricted to the rear in circumstances appropriate to same.

    Front brakes would only be used if the brake pressure exceeded a certain level, or if ABS detected impending rear wheel lockup.

    Seems to me that the overall safety factor might improve substantially.
  • thats unfortunate you should definitely go to a mechanic to get that fixed
  • My 1982 GMC K25 has a similar problem right after it came out of the shop from having an ignition switch fixed. The truck doesn't have ABS and it goes away when you push harder, and the only thing I can think of is if something got messed up from towing the truck to the shop.
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