Do I need to replace my antifreeze?

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I have moved from LR Ark to Denver CO. Since the south's temps are so different from here in Denver, should I or do I need to have anything done when it comes to antifreeze? do i need to have it replaced for colder temps?


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    Personally, I would have it checked. The concentration and type of antifreeze determine the temperature to which you are protected and it gets a LOT colder in Denver. :)

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    Depending of the age of the current antifreeze, it wouldn't hurt to replace it if two years of age or older, just like brake fluid. But if you do, then please do NOT use the GM DexCool garbage as it will eat away at anything the coolant touches in time. Also check the condition of all your hoses as you don't want to have them leave you stranded in the middle of winter.

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