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Satellite Clock and Compass

The clock and compass on my 02 axiom will not display. I tried diconnecting the neg cable for 5 min as I read elsewhere, but no luck. Anyone know how to fix this?


  • cptsessocptsesso Posts: 116
    Mine did that last week after I was having some battery issues, but it was just the compass. I pulled the fuse (don't remember the label name) for the radio, display, etc while the truck was running. That did not work immediately but did notice the compass finally came back after driving around for a while. Not sure if this helps but try it.
  • ritaoritao Posts: 5
    I've read the manual on changing the clock and it's says to hold the clock button for two seconds and it will change the hour... Did not work, has anyone else had this problem and if so, how did you change your time ????
  • Hello ritao,
    To set the hour on your Axiom clock, just hold down the "Clock" button until the time starts to flash. Then push that same button as many times as necessary to advance the hours to the correct hour (am or pm also). The minutes will be automatically set by the GPS computer from the satellite connection.

    Good luck,
  • Hello there, 02 Axiom 95K miles. When I got my vehicle back after having the oil changed and serpentine belt replaced, I noticed the clock had reset to 'elapsed time'. It says something like 40:55 and the minutes seem to increment while I'm driving (hard to say for sure because I can't watch it very closely while driving). Sometimes after starting the car, I notice the clock has gone back to 00:00 or some random number. I am very familiar with how to reset the clock by pressing on the clock button for a few seconds until the clock goes into reset mode, but I can't get that to work now, no matter what I do. This is not the first time the battery has been removed one reason or another, but it is the first time the clock has behaved this way. Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions? Thanks!
  • a9x2a9x2 Posts: 25
    Hey, I'm goin through the same thing. MY clock just has dashes now. The Elapsed time still works though. My Compass and date don't work anymore either. Found out I need another GPS sensor. Labor is around $250 at City Isuzu down in Jacksonville,FL. Believe the part(the entire MID screen has to be replace) is around $850-$900. I have found the sensor but i'm not contemplating if $300 is worth a clock?
  • The clock button is like a step, each push changes it from time to hours or timer to elapsed, you do hold it down to change the hours and have to go through 24 hours to get it to read either am or pm. there might be another button for elapsed time to push, I just can't recall but it acts the same way. I just changed my hours the other day because of the change from daylight savings time. never had any problem with the display, except in cold new england weather they always take a bit of time warm up in sub freezing weather. just push it each time to get it back to clock hour mode, the minutes get adjustment based on the atomic clock at the denver atomic observatory I was told. I make sure I always keep the back light on the display at the lowest light level to be able to read it to save the bulbs and display from overheating and wearing out. so far so good, it is about 10 years old.
    regards. GO FARTHER
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