2011 Ford Super Duty

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What do you think of the 2011 New Super Duty?


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    12 years... same cab, same bed. Dodge and GM have both changed their sheetmetal twice since the 1999 Super Duty was released in January 1998. Not saying it has to change for change's sake, but at some point, customers will get tired of the same thing warmed over.

    Jury will be out for a long time on the new diesel. The Duramax and Cummins have a long history to fall back on. Similarly, the rev-happy 6.2 V8 replacing the more work-friendly 6.8 V10 will be a question mark.

    I commended Ford for moving the headlights to the bottom of the cluster for the 2008 redesign (closer to the road = more effective illumination, less glare to others) and they've kept it at the bottom for 2011, but the new lenses - along with the new grille - seem to harp on the "bigger is better" theme... not attractive.

    Interesting that Ford is staying with attached dually fenders after GM and Dodge went to integrated steel bodysides, although the 2011 SD now has much smaller extensions - bearing more than a passing resemblance to the ones used on the 2006-2009 Dodge Ram Mega Cab dually.

    In the end, it's all about the diesel, though. Ford better hope their engine doesn't have the teething problems of the last 3 Navistar/International engines, or the money they spent on the new front clip won't matter to anyone.

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    I do agree with the statement about the new engine, but I like the more bulky, trucklike look of the fords. Chevrolet has gone toooo far towards crossover-car like design. It is too bland. If I wanted an suv or car I would have bought one. I know several people that have the SD line of diesels without problem. Not saying that past problems don't exist. I really like the layout of the interior better than the Dodge and GM. I do like the looks of the dodge better than the GM though. I can't wait for 2012 or 2013 when I can get a one or two year used one for thousands less.
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    Can someone give me input on my new 2009 F-450 King Ranch. At this time, it is performing at about 10 miles per gallon at pure highway driving and 8.5 when exclusively city driving all NOT TOWING.

    At the same time, the exhaust is very black and has lots of carbon inside.

    Otherwise, the truck is great. I hauled a 17,000 # 5th Wheel from Dallas to Estes Park, Colorado at 70 mph and got 6.8 mpg going uphill north and 7.1 mpg at 70 mph going downhill south.

    Any thoughts regarding Exhaust Cleaning issue and how to get better everyday driving milage ??????

    Thank you for help. Love It & Hate It !!!!!!
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    This discussion is for the 2011 Super Duty due early next year. For your concerns, please try the Article Comments - 2008 F-450 Super Duty Full Test discussion.

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    By the pictures I seen so far I like it. Personally the huge front grille is what I like the most. That and the smooth sides of the truck. Although I don't need a dually I think attached fenders is the way to go. A lot easier to fix when some one miss judges the with of a drive through. I'm not so sure I like the idea of aluminum heads. Looks like they are addressing some of the problems they have had with the current engines , more and larger head bolts, revised egr system and poor mileage. I like the fact their going to a single turbo ; one less item to maintain. Now if they will get rid of these plastic radiators thats on the 08s . As long as my 08 keeps given me good service I plan on waiting a model year on the 2011 to see how well it holds up. If the reports are good this time next year I'll put in an order for a new one
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    I am very excited about the look. I do agree that the larger grill is complementary to the smooth sides of the truck. With the all new diesel I will wait a year to see how it holds up. I am not in a hurry to get a new truck yet, but the time will be coming soon. My 1/2 ton is just getting by while pulling my 20 foot travel trailer. It will be nice to pull just about whatever I want. I am really stoked about the towing center that Ford has designed. GM uses a factory EBC but it does not have a digital read out and they do not offer the aux switches like ford does. Ford truly makes the best trucks.
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    I just read my above message, and it should have read my 30 foot trailer. My half-ton can handle a 20 foot trailer easy. My 30 footer weighs 9600 pounds when fully loaded for a trip. I need a diesel.
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    i'm interested in the new 2011 Ford 450 as well and time will tell, i currently have a C4500 Topkick conversion by Monroe Truck and Equipment and just came back from the Keys pulling my 16.5K 5th wheel and got 10-12 MPG over 3,200 miles and I only have 330hp Duramax. I'm hoping and I keep looking for MPG stats on the new 6.7L towing something
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    I just got back from the dealership last week from having my 08 serviced. Spoke with salesman who had just returned from a ford seminar on the 2011 superduty. Said they would get the first one late april. 390 horsepower 735 feet torque , six speed trans ,est 21mpg highway. Will have rear axle lock to turn both rear wheels at same speed. transmission gear locks to keep truck from shifting gear while towing up hills and lots of other electronic features. The thing I not sure I like is standard rear axle ratio will be 3:09 or 3:33 salesman couldn't remember which one. However the new 2011 is supposed to out pull the 08 even with this low of gear.
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    I recently inquired about purchasing a new f-350 superduty with the the new ford diesel. I inquired with 2 different Ford dealers in Michigan as I live close to the boarder and with the dollar close to par the US price on this truck is $12000.00 cheaper than in Canada. Both the US dealers say they cannot sell a new truck to someone who lives in Canada. Has anyone heard of this?
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    Those dealers are correct. Canadian trucks have different specifications and computer programs from USA trucks. In order to register that truck in Canada, you'd have to spend all the money - parts & labor - to bring it to Canadian spec... by which time you will have lost most (if not all) of the price savings. Works the same the other direction, too.

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    Just got back from dealership . They had a gold Lariat 2011 with the new 6.7 diesel.I took it on about a 15 mile test drive down interstate 77. This truck was quieter and rode smother than my 08. The interior was a tan and dark brown two tone that was very nice. The center console had 4 cup holders in front and 2 in back and the instrument panel was slightly changed. the biggest difference was the message center in the instrument panel . It had a lot more features than my 08 and would take a while to learn them all.This truck was a 4 wheel drive with a 355 rear gear with electronic wheel lock . My 08 has a 373 with limited slip. This truck seems to be faster to 60 than my present truck.Trying to look at the second hand on my watch and driving I believe it was in the 7 to 8 second range. Going down the on ramp to interstate I ran it up to about 80 and it was very strong all the way. This truck had heated and cooled leather seats and on cool it about froze my tail off. Their is not much difference in outer appearance mainly the front grille and hood but I like the look of it. The biggest difference was the fuel ecomony. Using the on board computer at 70 using cruise control it stabilized at 19.5 My 08 would be around 16 at this speed, and at 65 it came in at 21 verses about 17 for my 08. I really like the 2011 and will probably order one near the end of the year. This will give some time to hear how the new engine holds up. My 08 continues to give me great service and other than the radiator being replaced under warranty I have not had any problems. I believe ford may have a winner with this new engine and power train; time will tell.
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    I bought a 1999 F250 Super Duty 7.3 D. back in the day and it is still going strong at 157,000 with general maintenance. I want to buy a new F250 Super Duty but have been out of the loop for 6years on the Fords Diesel engine. How does the newer Super Duty trucks with Diesel compare to Dodge and Chevy? Is Ford still the way to go? I bought my 99 because of good advice I received on this forum 10years ago so I'm coming back to the well again looking for some good advice once again. Any educated thoughts would really be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    Great news on the mileage factor for the 2011 F450, does any one have any firm knowledge on the towing fuel consumption, we are thinking about trading in the 08 F450 for the new model, pulling the Sundowner LQ horse trailer (28,000lbs fully loaded) we are only getting 8 to the gallon! Sucks for the Endurance Riders out there.
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    I went to a second dealership were I found online 2 trucks with all the options I would want on my truck. The sales manager had grabbed one for his personal demo vehicle. I told him one of the reasons I was thinking of trading my 08 was the increase in fuel mileage the 2011s were getting but was going to wait till I heard what kind of mileage the 2011s were getting pulling a load. The manager offered to swap my ride for a weekend so I could hook up my camper and compare the mileage for myself. (could not believe this either) I plan on taking him up on this offer in the next couple of weeks I will post the results when I do. This will be an F250 4x4 with locking 355 gear. Although not a 450 it will be comparing a 08 250 with an 2011 250.
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    Sounds a great offer, look forward to your report on the mileage, the 250 will give me a good idea as to the new fuel consumption.
    Many thanks.
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    Just got back from camping trip. I met a man with a new 2011 6.7 diesel pulling a large ceder creek 5fth wheel around 12000 pounds. His truck was a F250 short bed crew cab 4x4 with 355 gears. Has had truck about a month and has 3500 miles on it. His previous truck was an 05 F250 with a 6.0 diesel. So far he is very happy with his truck no problems. His highway mileage solo is about 20.5 verses 16.5 in his old truck. Pulling his 5th wheel 10.5 verses 8.0 in old truck. As I find people with the new 2011 in camp grounds I will report their mileage results.
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    Well my wife fell in love with a F350 2011 Ultra Lariat, Tuxedo Black with the dark grey interior, so far we are in love with the machine, about 16 mpg without the tow from the Horse Trailer - That's next week, thanks for the update we shall post u another responce on our progress.
    Endurance riding is the best.
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    Well reading the last post on the appalling F350 and the oil usage etc, my wife and I are seriously considering canceling the new F450, as mentioned before from us we cannot afford to have problems with our tow vehicle with horses on long trips let alone spending $60,000 bucks on a dead lame machine, if anybody else out there has any further input we would be very interested and very grateful.
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    Could somebody help in writing what the difference is between the Ford F450 08 transmission and the 2011 - Thanks....
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    I'm in the market for a '11 F350 Diesel and came across your post. Any luck with Ford on getting your problems resolved? What kind of mileage are you getting?
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    Good timing on your part, we just got back from a fast trip to Northern MO from the NW Georgia Mountains. The F350 Lariat/Ultra with Nav system and all the options you can get performed perfectly except for the Nav taking us off to a gas station that didn't exist. But all in all, road noise, speed, overtaking at speed, cruise control etc was great, no use of oil what so ever we monitored that part closely! We have the 20 inch wheels with little noise etc. Overall fuel mileage came in at 17 mpg that's hitting 90 mph at times plus town and very country back roads in Northern MO. I you have any further questions we should be able to cover most, good luck, it is a great truck.
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    Given our great ride to MO and back to NW Georgia, we feel confident unless another post comes in on the F450 (011) Lariat/Ultra that we will go ahead and get this model to pull our big (LQ) horse horse trailer and trade in the 08.
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    It should be here in 6-10 weeks as per the dealer. Got the Lariat longbed crew-cab. I'm very excited about the truck. Took a test drive and loved the quiet diesel engine and comfy ride. Should be a nice change from years past. Had a newer Tundra but inadequate payload forced the switch. Otherwise was a good truck too. Hope recent posts are just anomalies as far as oil consumption etc... I hope Ford hits it out of the park with this truck.
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    We have had our F350 for about 4 weeks, we've been to Northern Missouri and Central Florida twice, mileage is 7,010 and one service behind us. So far this is the best truck we have owned, fast, economical and able to pull our smaller horse trailer as if nothing was behind with avg mpg around 16-18, towing at 14 so far (foot down). Top speed again so far 95 mph with more to go. DEF Fluid lasts around 5 or 6 thousand miles, no oil consumption. Everything about this truck is aesome, can't wait for the re-flash for the new program which yours will have! The only negative moment was the Nav guidance, its a little off at times......... But for mechanical and luxury from a big truck I don't think there's a better machine out there yet.
    Good luck on the new arrival...........
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    That post was by hdh2....not me. I do not currently own a Ford as my fundage has been crippled in this economy and housing market. My wife owns a 2005 Yukon gasser that we use for towing. I will be getting a diesel in three years when her vehicle is paid off. I have not heard of anyone having the problems that hdh2 has complianed about, not saying they don't exist, but no one has complained of burning oil and engine trouble. I hope that he gets his fix, but I sometimes wonder on these internet forums if it is just some b.s. from a hater.
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    I know this should be a new Topic, but my browser is not giving me the option to began a new one. Just purchased new 2011 F350 Lariat. I didn't get the best deal I could possible get, but the truck had every option I wanted and there were none other in all of So. California equipped to my needs and color preference. I also needed the truck pronto being that I need to get it ready for an upcoming out of state hunting trip. MSRP was $61.5k, OTD (minus rebates and discounts of $2,500) was $60k (even). I had worked out a much better discount on another unit at dealer that was much closer to my house; however, it did not have the FX4 package
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    So I buy my new F350 after waiting a long time for the '11 to come out and when I get home began to search the internet for add-on options, I come across the below listed article. Looks like Ford will be upgrading the new diesel by tweaking the programing to produce an additional 10 HP and 65 Ft/Lbs of torque bringing the final power to 400 HP and 800 Ft/Lbs. At first, I was a bit upset that I didn't see this article before buying my truck, but as I read on I saw that it was not a mechanical upgrade, only a computer programming upgrade and that Ford will be offering a free program upgrade at their dealers. ROCK ON FORD!!!

    http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2010/08/2011-ford-f-series-super-duty-getting- - -upgrade-to-800-ft-lbs-of-torque.html
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    We have had our F350 for about a month and with 7,000 + miles on the machine all goes well, getting about 16 - 18 mpg though a little lower pulling the horse trailer etc. DEF Fluid lasts about 5,000 ,miles I guess you have or will have like myself the new upgrade on the computer, looking forward to seeing how far that goes. We paid about the same price as it was hard to find all of the options that we wanted. (Black is not our favorite color but looks great when clean. Be aware of the Nav system it is not the best, we were taken to a gas station that did not exist. So we have our Garmin on board just in case - Well go luck, good hunting.................
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    Im in the market for an f450. I was about to purchase a dually but im reading that it lost payload from a 2008-2010 model. I need to haul a 4 car hauler. Ill be trying to stay under 26000 pounds but you never know hauling cars. Im not gonna over do it and ruin my engine either but if im not hitting a scale ill probably go slightly over. Here is my main issue. DOT really only cares if the weight at the axle aint over. I heard a 08-10 have bigger axles. Does that mean i can carry more weight then a 2011 new truck? Im confused here. Im not that familiar with all the ratio and max weights. I just need to haul it legally since i will be going out of state and hitting scales and i really dont want to be over weight and get tickets. Thanks
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    I bought a 2011 F350 Lariat crewcab, longbed, diesel back in June. Have had nothing but GOOD TIMES. Got 29300 miles on it. Changed the oil three times, fuel filters once (will change again in a couple more thousand miles) and just had transmission fluid changed today. It has 390 HP and 735 lbs of torque. I'm not sure if I will have it upgraded or not. I have gotten up to 22.5 MPG empty and 10 to 11 pulling my 11000 lb 5th wheel. It runs very quiet and is the cleanest burning vehicle I have ever owned. It's hard to tell my 5th wheel is behind me.
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    I have owned my new King Ranch for almost a month and 3000-miles now. I love the interior and all the options as far as the Sync, Nav MP3 etc etc.

    I have the 20" Rims and the and the factory upgraded suspension. I am hearing a whistling sound once the truck gets up to and past 50 MPH. Does anyine else have this issue and if so, has anyone found a fix? I am not sure if it coming from the mirrors or the tires but I am leaning towards the mirrors or something like that.

    Other than the noise I am talking about here, I have no complaints about this truck! The ride is suprisingly smooth for a truck this size. It has more power than I can use right now and so far, using no oil!

    It has a great stereo system, user friendly dashboard, Panels etc.

    I drove the GM 3500 and Ram 3500 and they just dont hit the mark. Ford has outdone both by far.

    Please let me know if anyone is having this issue.
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    After months of looking at the new 2011 trucks and mouth watering over each one I traded my 08 in on a new 350 king ranch long bed today. With x plan and rebates I got it almost 10 grand off sticker. 20 inch wheels, 5th wheel prep package and 355 gears. Will be hooking up to my camper friday . Cant wait to see how it compares to my old 08 pulling. Will post results in a few days.
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    Are there any Ford dealers that are offering Fords Extended Warranty at a reasonable price. I would like to get the Premium Package. Just took delivery of a F 350 diesel SRW Larriat. Love it. Get 21.5 MPG on highway @ 65. My 2007 Dodge 3500 dually would only get 16-17.
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    After one month and 2500 miles and 2 trips pulling camper I'm very happy with new truck. Mileage is about 18.5 to 19.5 highway compared with about 16 with the 08. On one stretch of highway the computer was showing almost 21 mpg at 60 mph. the computer in this truck is pretty accuriate compared to using a calculator. Back and foward to work about 16 compared to 13.5 with old truck. Pulling 10 thousand pound camper between 10 and 10.5 compared to 7.5 to 8 with old truck. This is pulling at speeds up to 70 on interstate and 60 on back roads with up to 5 percent grades. I was able to maintain 60 with ease up these grades. Navigation system worked like a charm and showed roads in very remote areas were my mercedes will show off road. Not to crazy about using the voice comands to enter address on navigation system. When trying to give it a 951 house number it kept entering it wrong . when manually entering it no problem. I didn't have any problems changing radio stations using the voice command. The 6.7 diesel is very quite and has plenty of power. the info center has all kinds of info, one feacture shows percent grade percent banking and position of front wheels, another gives system checks, another avg mpg, instant mpg ,gallons used, and miles to empty. I will continue to give updates but so far could not be happier
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    Purchased my 2011 F-350 4X4 Lariat in November. Has been great until last few weeks when transmission would occassionally shift thru gears 1 and 2 and then skip 3. It would rev higher when it missed 3rd and then finally engage when I take my foot off the gas and then push again. My starts from a standstill are very gentle so I don't know why it would do this. Any thoughts?
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    Though I cannot help on your issue I would love to know what went wrong since we are at 44,000 miles on our F350 since last May, up and down I-75, Florida to the Georgia Mountains, glad to say nothing has gone wrong so far !!! Sorry to read your misery.
  • mrtoad3mrtoad3 Member Posts: 68
    This is in response to my last post about trans. missing gears. I did some research and found that Ford has devised a computer re-program for certain trans. issues such as mine. Took it to dealer and they knew about symptoms and re-programmed it. So far it has been okay. Certain times it still balks at reversing on an incline but otherwise okay. Mileage is at 10,000 now, did 2nd oil change with synthetic oil and engine hums along. Uses no oil whatsoever:)
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    After one year and 15000 miles I am still very happy with this truck. Im getting ready to do the second oil change . The computer has been right at 7500 miles between changes. DEF fluid has been about 1 gallon per thousand miles. mileage continues to be around 16 t0 17 back and forward to work, 18 to 20 highway, and 10 to 11 pulling 10 thousand pound camper. I have had no problems with this truck. It has plenty of power pulling my camper. Still not crazy using the voice commands with phone and navigation but getting more use to them. Like being able to talk on phone hands free and change radio station without taking eyes off road. Would recommend this truck to anybody.
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    I am very jealous of your low miles, we have had the F350 Lariat, 2011 now for almost 2 years with an amazing 90,000 miles, mpg is almost the same, no problems except for a tiny stone puncturing the radiator, the kind dealer gave me a break on the replacement! Anyway
    I have to say other than the rad the truck has performed flawlessly, pulling Big Tex Trailers, Horse Living quarters and doing some rough farm work hauling tree stumps out.
    Best truck we have ever owned.Hope everyone has this much good luck with theirs!
    Fords hit a winner with us, long may it last.........
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    Hi guys,

    Im looking at purchasing my friends 2006 450 but it has front buckets, Anyone have any info on removing the buckets and installing a bench, Is this economically possible? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    Just picked up my 2012 King Ranch Crew Cab 6.7 PowerStroke 2 weeks ago... love everything about the truck EXCEPT the tiny tires (275/65R18 Continentals) from factory. Glad to have the 18" rims... have you ever priced 20" tires!?

    My question is: What's the largest tire size that can be programmed into the trucks computer?

    I don't want to have speed, odometer, shift points, ABS, etc goofed up by a tire size the dealer cannot setup.
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    Hi Folks,

    I see it's been a full year since the last posting on this forum, but here goes.

    In 2005 I purchased a '05 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4 w/6.0 PS Diesel. It was a dealer demo, almost brand new. We've mainly used the truck to seasonally haul our 31ft 5th Wheel (approx. 5ton curb wt).

    Less than two months ago I replaced it with a 2014 F-350 Lariat Crew Cab 4x4 (new 6.7 PS Diesel, of course). Sold the '05 with only 55,000mi on the odometer. The 2014 is a very nice truck so far. Drives completely different from the '05, despite being identical in dimensions and weight. Of course, it's way too early to discuss fuel mileage, reliability etc. The new 6.7 diesel engine has been out there a full 4 years which should be sufficient time for any issues to have been dealt with. My impressions: I certainly think Ford has a winner with their new engine. It is so quiet compared to the old 6.0 PS - most folk near the truck don't even realize there's a big diesel under the hood.

    Time will tell, and in the following months I'll post some diesel mileage results, both with and without our 5th wheel RV.

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