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What's happening. I have a 2000 Lincoln Ls with Advance Trac. There is a hissing noise coming from my brake booster and my brake pedal has to go all the way down to stop car. I'm also getting a p0171&p0174 code(lean fuel) and stalling. My mechanic said all this is coming from the vaccum leak from the brake booster. He didn't notice any hoses damaged and suggested I need a new brake power booster. So, does anyone have or had this problem. I'm hoping There's something we missed and don't have to replace the brake booster. If so, where can I get one(excluding dealer) because the advance trac model seems impossible to get. Even a used one is seeming challeging.


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    Not a common problem. I'd replace the vacuum hoses before I touched the booster. It won't hurt and it's a lot easier and cheaper.
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    Wise suggestion, that's exactly what I'm going to try first.
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    Took it to another shop today and they said the vacuum hose and check valve of the brake booster were leaking. The booster itself was fine though. Replaced both leaking parts and now all is well. :)
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    im having problems i have a 1994 dodge dakota when i turn my truck on i can hear like a hissing sound or air sound like the raido speaker is on but nothing comes out ive seen others had a prob with brake booster and vacum lines im not sure where the booster or lines are located can someone open my eyes would it be under the master cylinder and any one have an idea of what a booster would cost if that is the problem :sick: im going to try to bleed my lines first
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    Buddy I would check to see if you have like a pcv valve type part between your brake booster and master cylinder as I did. I had that hissing noise and it was coming from that pcv type valve. It's plastic in my case and a hole developed in it causing the hissing noise. By the way it caused a vacum leak and stalling at idle sometimes for me. For me it was that plastic $10-15 dollar part like a pcv valve. My brakes were very very weak as if the master cylinder was going. My mechanic thought for sure it was the brake booster but dealer nailed it down to that valve. My mechanic replaced it for $10 bucks and my brakes were back again. Hope this helps.
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