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Exterior color for 2009 Acura MDX

acuramdxxacuramdxx Member Posts: 3
edited October 2014 in Acura
I've just purchased a new 2009 MDX(top model) with a huge rebate . The exterior colour is ' mocha metallic'( metallic medium golden/ brown/mocha )and the interior is parchment leather ( light tan ). Does anyone else has the same colour combination on their MDX ? Do you think it's a tasteful colour combo or not ? Any feedback is welcome !


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    buyusedbuyused Member Posts: 11
    I just viewed that color combo on the Acura website and it looks great to me. I like the more earthy tones and have very much tired of the silvers; blacks; whites and so forth.
    My wife ended up with the "Sterling Gray Metallic" (Very metallic dark gray) and it looks great with the front and rear lower garnish and sport running boards. I plan on getting the new TL SH-AWD in "Myan Bronze Metallic" with "Umber Leather". Very earthy and very unique. I think I'll even get the 6 speed manual so my wife and daughters won't want to drive it. ;^)
    You can play around with colors and options by choosing "Build Your Own" on most manufacturer websites including Acura.
    I hope you are as thrilled with it as we are. Happy driving.
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    acuramdxxacuramdxx Member Posts: 3
    Thanks 'buyused' for your input. I love the' Sterling grey metallic' colour also but it wasn't available at the time. My wife and I both enjoy driving the MDX . 2 minor complaints so far . (1) The bluetooth is too sensitive and picks up a lot of wind and road noise when people call . We can hear them well but they complain of a lot of unwanted background noise. (2) The front center or right speaker sometimes sounds distorted/vibrating (like something's loose inside) when the volume is a little high .

    Anyone has the same problems ? Any solutions ? I'm taking the MDX back to the dealership tomorrow to have it checked out.
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    mgoldsteinmgoldstein Member Posts: 58
    I think the Sterling (dark) Grey is a great color. I am sure it would look great with the taupe interior. Unfortunatley, I was told the color was discontinued in the spring. And, last night I bought an MDX base.

    So, I think I am getting Dark Cherry with the Parchment interior.

    I really wish the Sterling Grey was available.
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    caprice2caprice2 Member Posts: 34
    Congrats, enjoy ur new car.
    I was thinking of the cherry red color, dint get a chance to see one in that.
    The 2009 colors shortlisted for me is white , red, blue, silver.
    They seem to have to 2 dark metallic colors in 2010, they look good too.

    Dont know how these look on the car.
    Any nice color combination ideas?
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    stantonb1stantonb1 Member Posts: 51
    Just bought my wife a 2009 MDX with technology package that is black on black. Purchased MDX from Manheim Auto Auction for a very good price. MDX only has 12k mileage. Find myself very impressed with MDX. Have a BMW 5 and enjoy my wife's MDX more. Very interested in getting a 2010 if possible low mileage like my wife's. Believe me if price is right color doesn't matter.
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    de131de131 Member Posts: 1
    but now that you have it how does your wife like the black with black I am looking at a 2011 and debating on black or dk grey for outside and then black or taupe on inside. so hard to decide like the look but keep getting reminded black exterior hard to keep clea and black interior very hot
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    austexaustex Member Posts: 62
    go for black/taupe. It looks awesome. I almost opted for that one. After reading a few reviews about the city mileage being 8 .. didnt buy the MDX. But what a car .. drives awesome
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