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Rate Your Toyota Venza on a Scale of 0-10

bobquebecbobquebec Posts: 14
edited June 2014 in Toyota
Hello to all
Please let me know your overall rating of your Venza, as i will be purchasing this car next year.

Thanks to all
Happy motoring


  • Hey Robert,

    Have you checked the Venza reviews listed in the right column ("LearnMore" section) of this forum? As I am writing this I see there are reviews from 117 Venza owners - so that's probably a great place to start.

  • I bought my Venza in May. It's a 4-cyclinder FWD. It is really well equipped, including the panoramic moon roof. It does not have the Navigation system. So far I have been really happy with it. My wife and I loaded it up with camping gear and headed to Montana, and even with the 4-cyclinder it had pleny of power to handle the mountains. Gas mileage so far is getting real close to the 30mpg promised for highway use. The quality of interior trim is very good, so it looks like a classy vehicle. I am not real thrilled with the comfort of the seats on long trips. I'm about 6ft tall, and I find the seat cushion a little short, and I find myself wiggling around a bit to find the right position. Overall I really like my Venza and I would recommend it. I did purchase Blizzak snow tires for it, because I like the added safety of a dedicated snow tire. I live in North Dakota, so we do a lot of driving on snow/ice covered roads. I am expecting this combination of vehicle/tire will be a good one.
  • Hello md_outback
    Thank you. I will take a look. I might reach other people on this forum.

  • Hello tgreuel
    I thank you for your comments. I was also taking a look at the Blizzak tires on this end for next year. We have harsh winters in Quebec.

    Thank you for your comments
  • pluto5pluto5 Posts: 618
    I would rate it at a 10 except for the 19" wheels since there is almost no choice in tires and the winter ones are unavailable so far. That may be a consideration in Quebec. We have the I4 FWD and it meets our needs in all respects. It is the most comfortable car we found for driver and passengers. The clunker rebate was a great incentive making the car a bargain to boot. :P :P
  • Hello pluto5
    I thank you for your ratings. Are you in the U.S. Here i have access to the winter 18",19"and 20". If you live in the states, i think you can get them fro TIRE RACK. A few car owners on this forum have suggested this for people living in the U.S..

    Happy motoring with your Venza
  • Consumer Reports (CR) just issued its Annual Survey regarding vehicle reliability and owner satisfaction. When asked "Would you buy that car again?", CR reports that 80% of the V6 Venza owners and 69% of the I4 Venza owners surveyed replied "Yes".

    CR for this purpose included the Venza with wagons. The median for all of the wagons surveyed was 70% would buy the vehicle again. Only one wagon. the VW Jetta TDI (85% would buy again), rated higher than the V6 Venza in this CR survey.

    An educated guess is that the CR survey is based on a small sample of perhaps 2% of Venza owners. Your experience and satisfaction may vary.

    Note that CR rates the Lexus RX with luxury sport utility vehicles. For comparison, 82% of the Lexus RX (non-hybrid) and 79% of the Lexus RX (hybrid) owners surveyed reported they would buy the vehicle again. These were the top two vehicles in this category. Scanning all the SUV ratings, CR found the Ford Flex (mid-sized SUV) was at the top in "owner satisfaction" with 85% stating they would buy it again. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid was at 76% with the non-hybrid at 75%.
  • Hello again michiganmike
    That is a very interesting survey. I thank you for your research.

  • toledo73toledo73 Posts: 131
    I read a summary of that report in my local newspaper. I THOUGHT it also said the Venza was #1 in customer satisfaction. Odd disparity
  • "I read a summary of that report in my local newspaper. I THOUGHT it also said the Venza was #1 in customer satisfaction. Odd disparity."

    In my experience the summaries of the CR Survey of vehicles printed in local papers are often incomplete and sometimes misleading. These are often based on press releases by CR rather than the full published survey. Another example is press reports that the I4 Venza was tops in reliability, but read the full survey and you find the Venza was in a category mostly with minivans. The main differences between the Venza V6 and the I4 were due to lower ratings in audio systems and squeaks and rattles for the V6. Why would reliability in these areas differ for Venzas made on the same line with the same components? It pays to read the full report if you are really interested.
  • berriberri Posts: 7,969
    Why would reliability in these areas differ for Venzas made on the same line with the same components?

    When you see stuff like this its almost always a warning of statistical sample problems or distortions. A small sample size can distort outlier data, differing demographics or inadequate sample stratification can yield errors as well.
  • toledo73toledo73 Posts: 131
    I traded my Honda CRV for an 09 Silver 4cyl FWD Venza. The lease offers are very attractive, so I chose to lease now. I have had this vehicle for ONE day but have driven from the South Bay to San Francisco and a bit of around town. The car handles very well and has a smooth ride. The audio sysyem is very good and wife and I are enjoying the trial sat radio offer. Dual cimate controls are excellent and provide a very comfortable cabin. BUT, while providing a smooth ride, I would describe this car as very "busy". It is not harsh, but you feel most any bump you encounter. Also, the road noise seems excessive to me. Any body know how the noise could be tempered? Different tires? All in all, though I would rate this car a 7
  • Hello toledo
    I thank you for your rating, and your comments on the car. I will also be leasing the vehicle next year.

    Happy motoring
  • toledo73toledo73 Posts: 131
    why wait? With a money factor of .002 and residual of 62%, this is the time to strike. Very low payments
  • Hello again toledo
    Yes , the figures are interesting. Thank you. I am still leasing a KIA
    SPORTAGE 2006 V6 4X4 till next July, or i would have leased in this period since the Canadian rates are 3.9% financing as of now which i find reasonable in my opinion.

    Thanks again
    Happy motoring
  • I bought my Venza in June. It's a 6-cyclinder AWD. It is really well equipped, i LOVE it !The Gas mileage so far is getting real close to the 22 mpg in the city e. The quality and looks of interior is very sharp, it looks classy . I Overall I really LOVE my Venza, and I can't think of another car or cross over I would buy . I also have the two pkg and installed a hitch, it tows great! I would recommend it.
  • We bought our Venza on Sept 21st and we love it so far! I would rate it a 9 out of 10. The only negative I can think of is the gas mileage. It's a V6 AWD with all the bells and whistles except for the NAV and DVD. We are only getting around 16mpg around town. We really haven't taken it on the road for any extended period of time to date but we plan on going away this weekend and willbe putting about 700 miles of mostly highway driving on it. We shall see how it does. Only one other time did we drive the car about 100 miles at one time and we got about 24mpg on that short run.
  • We have had our Venza for a month now. I also have a 2008 Lexus RX350 and bang for the buck the Venza is way ahead. We really like just about everything about the car. It is an AWD V6. The traction contol is better than on the Lex as it is less intrusive. Got to get the dealer to check the brakes as they seem soft and much less sensitive than the Lex. On the other hand it stops very well. Hwy driving is great and comfortable. Ours has 20" wheels so ride is a touch hard but very acceptable. It was expensive though to get snow tires for the 20's. HUGE difference is the rear seating which is fantastic. Lots of legroom and with the reclining feature very very comfortable.
    We would definitely :) buy again.
  • Got back on Monday as we got snowed in down in DE. Over 23 inches of snow in the Philly area this past weekend!! Anyway, we got 25mpg on basically our 700 mile round trip this past weekend. Not bad for AWD V6.
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