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2010 Ford Escape

howardpmhowardpm Posts: 28
edited March 2014 in Ford
Anyone got any reviews/comments on this one yet? I've been speccing them out and I'm really intrigued by the new Parking Assist coupled with the NAV system/Back up Camera.

For the amount of technology your getting for such a low price they seem like really good deals.


  • I am trying to decide between the Ford Escape Hybrid and other similar vehicles. Does anyone have experience with the AWD on this vehicle?
  • I bought an Escape XLS in Hackensack, NJ last Saturday. The salesman said I could pick up the car this Saturday when we closed the deal. But I just learned from him that the car won't be available for at least another week, maybe two weeks. Anybody has similar experience?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    He may have just "taken you out of the market" so you won't go shop elsewhere while the inventory is in route (or until he finds one on another dealer's lot to match your order).

    Salespeople sometimes get lied to by their sales manager, so it may not entirely be his fault. Seems like you deserve a good explanation though, and you haven't gotten one.
  • I bought mine last night and was told that mine might take a week also. The one I was looking for was not in my state, so I don't know. It's a popular vehicle so when you have certain criteria that you want it might have to be found someplace else.
  • Just posted my review on our 2010 XLT AWD. Although, expectations of 7-8 yrs for the vehicle, we were not interested in the Hybrid, just too much $$$. We do have AWD but probably will not experience AWD until inclimate weather this winter. Keep you posted......
  • I finally picked up a XLT this weekend. It is a AWD, but why there are no letters "AWD" or "4WD" on the back door of the vehicle? The salesperson says Ford stopped putting the letters on the back door since 2009 models. Is that so?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,032
    the awd will also help when the roads are wet.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,032
    our '09 had a '4wd' badge on the lower right of the rear hatch.
    just look underneath from behind the vehicle toward the front, if you see a round opening between the rear wheels, it is 2wd version.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • here in Canada I was told there's a long wait for a hybrid. The problem there is still the batteries, cost to replace, what happens with them, and if it's worth the extra cost at this time.
    I'm coming off lease from a subie legacy wagon, which subie dropped. I don't want the Outback, so I'm looking at other wagons. This was recommended by a friend. Lots of toys in if for the price, but it's more suv than I'm used to. I'll check it out though.
  • It is an AWD. I checked the window sticker and under the chassis. I just wonder why it does not come with a 4WD badge. The dealer said Ford did not put the badge on all their AWD/4WD vehicles. I just want to make sure.
  • budhbudh Posts: 109
    The 2010 Escape/Mariner can use E-85 fuel (mostly ethanol with about 15% gasoline) and the engine will adjust settings to allow this fuel to be used.

    But having checked and checked the gas mileage using gasoline and E-85 fuel, it is 20 mpg average using gasoline and 14 mpg average using E-85. A whopping 30% reduction in gas mileage! In my area, E-85 sells for about 10% less than gasoline, 15% less at the most.

    So why would anyone spend 10 to 15% less money per gallon on E-85 to get 30% worse gas mileage?

    I wish Ford spent their time perfecting this engine to use gasoline and only gasoline for better performance with gasoline and not spent time and effort on an engine that uses E-85.

    Bud H
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    So why would anyone spend 10 to 15% less money per gallon on E-85 to get 30% worse gas mileage?

    Using your numbers, it's not quite as bad if you look at the cost per mile. E-85 works out to being only 18% worse. ;)

    The "why" part of your question is a little harder and looks like multiple choice:

    (a) The farm lobby is more influential than the oil lobby. :D

    (b) Ethanol is federally subsidized. :blush:

    (c) It reduces oil imports by 85% :shades:

    (d) Less oil usage is good for the planet. :surprise:

    (e) What else would you spend the money on? :confuse:

    In any case, happy new year!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • budhbudh Posts: 109
    When I last checked in my area (northern Indiana), 87 octane gasoline was $2.70 and E-85 was $2.40

    $2.40 divided by 14 mpg = 17.14 cents per mile for E-85
    $2.70 divided by 20 mpg = 13.50 cents per mile for 87 octane gasoline

    So the net cost per mile is 27% higher for E-85. MUCH too big a difference to be seriously considered.

    Bud H
  • I just purchased a new 2010 4 cyl Escape. When stepping on the brake with the car in drive there is a very noticeable vibration felt in the drivers seat and the brake pedal. The Ford hotline says this is a vehicle characterisic. I am not so sure about this. Does anyone have an answer or the same problem?
  • budhbudh Posts: 109
    I'm looking at both the 2010 Escape and Mercury Mariner, intending to get the Limited package with all options other than the navigation system.

    1. What attributes does the Mariner have that are plusses compared to the Escape?

    2. Is the 4-cylinder engine good enough for use that is only moderately aggressive at best and is the engine almost as quiet as the V6?

    Bud H
  • I have a 2010 Mariner 4cyl with the same issue - it had only 4 miles on it when i took it home. took it to the dealer and they compared it with another new mariner and said it felt the same so it was a normal vehicle characteristic. I wonder about this however because not everyone seems to report this issue. I have seen in other forms suggestions that it may be motor/transmission mounts or an exhaust hanger that is too tight causing metal to metal contact between the engine and exhaust pipe.
  • It was slightly cheaper to get a Mariner with some of the same options as a comparable XLT, and the styling is a bit more urban/luxury CUVish. My 2010 mariner has tinted glass, Leather seats, sunroof, SYNC (with bluetooth), Siruius radio, roof rails (no cargo package though), and was about $600 less than a comparable XLT. However, in hindsight, I would have gone with the V6 for the superior highway cruising/merging/passing. The gas milage is not too bad of trade off at 19/25 and its about $1,000 more.
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 135
    Mariner only comes in two leverls, base and Premier. Escape comes in XLS, XLT, and Limited. Limited and Premier are roughly equal, Mariner Base is a cross between XLS and XLT.

    You've really got to look at the individual car, what options it has. I bought at a Ford/Lincoln Mercury dealer, so I had a choice of both. I took a Mariner Premier because of the combination of engine, color, and options.

    I test drove a 4 cyl and the V6. I was coming off a Tribute V6. The 4 just didn't have the pep I wanted, I had hoped it would. I have a Honda Accord 4 cyl and that has plenty of power. I guess in a truck you just need more power.

    Drive them both and see how you feel. They had more 4 cyl's on the lot than V6's, so they must sell plenty of them.
  • I purchased a 2010 Ford Escape Limited 4WD 3.0L V6 and the car makes a squeaking noise when I hit the gas after braking. It has made this noise since I purchased the car. I have taken it to two different Ford service stations and neither is able to determine the cause of the problem. They both have different theories, but neither is conclusive. This morning, the car made a loud, high pitched squeaking noise as I backed out of my driveway. Has anyone had a similar problems?
  • I took mine back to the dealership again...and finally they loosened the engine motor mounts and exhaust system bolts in an attempt to neutralize the problem. This cured my vibration issues to the point it is not a problem anymore. I hope this helps you with your vehicle.

    P.S. Ford Motor Company still say's this is not a problem and is a vehicle characteristic but my dealership was willing to try the above and it worked.
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 135
    I get that squeek, or groaning sound, very often on acceleration. I've read in other forums where people are getting it, also.

    Apparently, the word from Ford is that it is normal for this car. Doesn't sound right to me, other cars don't do this.

    I only have 1k on the car now, when it goes for the first service I'll see what they say.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Or since your sale is now a sure thing "your" Escape got sold "opportunistically" to another walk in buyer.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Oh yeah, that happens too. It helps to get a VIN as soon as possible after you do the order. But your car can still get sold once it hits the lot.

    Slow day? You're reading some old threads there. :shades:
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..the awd will also help when the roads are wet.."


    But then only as you accelerate from a stop, accelerate from a fairly low speed, or accelerate in a fairly tight turn, low speed also assumed. These are the ONLY times you will have the F/awd system pre-emptively engaged. At all other times you will be driving a simple, inherently DANGEROUS (on adverse roadbed conditions) FWD vehicle.

    Other than pre-emptively, as described above, the only time the rear drive will be engaged will be under the aspects of TC, Traction Control. Those TC events will ALWAYS be preceded by the detection of front wheelspin/slip(***). At which point TC will activate, instantly dethrottling the engine, "hammering" the front brakes, and simultaneously engaging (uselessly IMMHO) the rear drive.

    Virtually USELESS F/awd system.

    If you wish to have the dry road, highly tractive roadbed, traction and FE of FWD, but with the addition of appropriate torque distribution to the rear as necessary, then the Honda/Acura SH-AWD system is the only solution in the market today.


    *** Front wheelspin/slip due to too much engine torque being used for current roadbed conditions is such a "dire" matter, THREAT to safety, that all "stops must be pulled out" on even the slightest hind of same.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Even having the VIN doesn't always help.

    I had pre-ordered a 2000 Porsche C4 at MSRP, paid the dealer a deposit, but "my" car was sold to a higher bidder the moment it arrived. C4's were apparently in high demand but in very short supply in 2000. The dealer's "Pipsqueak" manager, Barrier Porsche in Bellevue WA, even denied I had made a deposit. My deposit was returned via USPS about a week later.

    I have a 2001 C4 that I ordered over the internet, never met the dealer/salesman, took delivery of the Porsche at the factory.
  • Precisely why I went with a 2004 Escape (back in 2004) instead of the 2005...that and the fact that I got a super killer deal. 2004 and older 4WD Escapes come with a similar system as the 2005 and up models which is FWD biased but will transfer traction to the rear wheels when slipage is detected. However, I am able to turn a switch on the dash and turn on "4x4" constantly up to 25 MPH which comes in handy if you know you are in slippery situation instead of waiting to slip and have power transferred to the rear wheels.
  • I have the same problem with my 2010 Escape, I just got back from the dealer and they told me that it is normal but there is a transmission chain that is causing the noise and there is a new chain they will install that will "reduce" the noise but not remove the noise totally. In any case I am having it done and they ordered the part. It will be an all day job involving dropping the transmission so they are gonna give me a loaner. I would suggest this to your dealer. I will post again after I have the work done and let you know the result.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,032
    sorry, but get a clue and quit ingesting all the hype.
    SH-AWD maybe great, but it is only better in extreme situations.
    My Fusion AWD has made it through many bad situations, you just have to learn to trust it.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • "I had pre-ordered a 2000 Porsche C4 at MSRP, paid the dealer a deposit, but "my" car was sold to a higher bidder"

    I ordered a F150 back in 94 and had all the signed paperwork. They sold it by mistake. My sister in law was a banker and told me that it is illegal to sell a car to 2 different people so I told the dealer that they broke the law and they let me pick out any f150 on the lot.
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