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BMW 3-Series: Leather vs Leatherette Seats

kati2kati2 Posts: 1
I was surprised at the leatherette upholstery on so many 328 cars on the lot. According to the sales rep they are more durable. Dakota leather or leatherette, what do most people like?


  • mowermower Posts: 18
    There was a time when dealers would try to sell all BMWs with the Dakota. They make more money and resale value goes up. If you compare yourself the leatherette is standard and you can get heated seats as an option, you may not see a big difference. Go look at a five series. They probably have the Dakota.
    Also, check the invoice in the window to make sure. It could be the auto you are looking at might have the Kansas Leather.

    If cost is a big factor, you can save with the leatherette.
  • Well, there's leather then there is leather as in the dakota leather seats in my '09 328ix. I've been predominately an acura fan for years and they can't touch these seats. Even the "premium" leather in our '07 MDX feels rubbery compared to the dakotas. Now i can't say much about wear, that may take years. ;)
  • nkeennkeen SE PennaPosts: 313
    How much of the seat is actually leather? On the 1 series I drove recently, it struck me that only the center panels were leather -- the bolsters felt like leatherette.
  • The whole seat is leather as far as I can tell as well as center consol and part of the doors.
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    looking @ purchasing a 2008 -328i have 2 looking at now. Can you tell very noticeably if it was dakota or leatheratte or should i ask them what veh has for seats.
  • There is a huge difference between the leatherette and the dakota leather. I own an '08 335i and the dakota leather seats still look brands new. This is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. If you want some luxury in your car, go with the dakota for sure.

  • roadddog53roadddog53 Pasadena, CAPosts: 7

    I tried to like the leatherette. I really did. I thought the money I'd save going with the leatherette would be put to other options like rear view camera and heated seats. At the end of the day, I'm buying a luxury car. I couldn't go with vinyl seats in a luxury car. That just didn't make any sense when I sat down and tried to nickel and dime myself. I don't regret it. BMW leather just feels and smells special. If I were in a climate where it rained and snowed, I might have considered otherwise I'm guessing.

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