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2010 Outback "Whomping" Noise

gbarltropgbarltrop Posts: 7
edited July 2014 in Subaru
Has anyone else heard a strange low-pitched pulsing or "whomping" noise from their 2010 Outback when driven slowly at 20-40 kph on flat smooth road? Sounds like pressure buildup then release in the cabin as if a window was open. Sound diminishes as speed increases.

My dealer is about 100kms away, and I'll be heading there this week, but would like to hear of others with the same symptoms.


  • Yes, I hear the weird noise too on my new OB bought 5 days ago. Does anyone what it could be?

    Has your dealer found out or fixed the problem? I am going to check with my dealer this weekend. I will update what I find here then.

  • kraygkrayg Posts: 5
    Are your back windows open while the front windows and sunroof are closed when you hear this?
  • No windows open at all. Dealer checked the car, also heard the noise, and drove two other 2010s. Both did the same thing. Subaru tech services rep was at the dealer yesterday, but haven't heard the results yet. So far the dealer concludes that this is annoying, but characteristic of this car, and without further direction from Subaru, he can't fix it..
  • I have the same problem. But I only notice the noise when I have the just the back windows down. I just got the car this weekend so I haven't figured out if its normal for this car or just mine.
  • Mine still makes the noise with windows closed; also will vary when I switch to manual and shift to a lower "gear", but pulses more rapidly ; seems it hits a kind of resonance at about 35kph, at steady speed with very little load on the drivetrain, but not while accelerating through that speed. It has about 4500kms on it now, and otherwise is a very pleasing car.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,925
    That sound (with the rear windows down) is normal. Of the four Subaru vehicles I I have owned, all have done this equally well. ;) I imagine other makes will do the same thing, but I have never owned another four-door car with power windows.
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  • The first time I noticed it on my 2010 Legacy (with the rear windows down) I thought I had a blown a tire. Wow, what an annoying noise!

    I guess this is a design issue, or something that got missed in the wind tunnel.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Actually it's an unfortunate consequence of desiging the exterior for maximum efficiency. They don't design cars for open window driving hence any wind entering the windows - especially on a wagon - gets trapped in the rear and causes turbulence.
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