97 Plymouth Voyager 3.3L Rattling Noise

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I've seen lots of posts on rattling noises, but none quite like mine. I have 153,000 miles. The interesting thing is that the rattling sounds like it is belt related (frequency is related to RPM), but once the car warms up and gets to go 50 MPH or more, the rattling stops, even if I slow down again. If I run errands after it stops, when I start it again it's fine. It only happens on a cold start until it warms up.

No obvious change in performance, and no warning lights. Oil level is fine. No oil or other leaks. Had last oil change 3,000 miles ago.

I now have an appt to check it out in 3 days, but I'm worried if I can/should even drive in the interim.

Could this be relatively minor, or a major engine issue?


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