2002 MB C240 vs 2004 Jaguar X-Type

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I am on the fence about buying one of these two automobiles. Both are selling for about the same price ($10K) and have about the same amount of milage (65K). I'm leaning towards the Benz because it is a one-owner car (vs 3 owners for Jag), but like the bigger engine on the Jag and the AWD + the sunroof. Any advice on which way I should go, or should I bag both of these and buy a 2007 Ford Taurus with 32K miles? Your comments welcomed! Dan


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    I can only tell you what I have read in many car mags, the Jags are notorious for electrical problems, even new ones. I just bought a 2008 C300 and I just love it. So in my opinion, go for the Benz. Good luck.
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