Hyundai Santa Fe Ball Joint Failure

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My right front wheel broke yesterday - the cvj was pulled right out of the tranny & the tie rod broke.

Dealer says the ball joint was extremely worn and failed and that the driver side ball joint was extremely worn.

What gives? Is there a grease nipple on that model year? Ball joint FAILS?? Wheel breaks? Yikes! Could this be a manufacturer defect?


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    Unfortunately ball joint wear is very common. Not just on your santa fe either. A good repair shop should be checking suspension components for play every oil change. This most definitely could have been avoided. There is no grease fitting on the OE ball joints. Aftermarket joints come with zork fittings. I dont recommend changing only the ball joint, but the entire lower control arm. It will come with all new bushings, and the ball joint part of the control arm in my opinion fits better than trying to press out the old joint and press the new joint into the old control arm. Sounds like it was a close call! Glad no one got hurt! Just a suggestion that you have your suspension parts checked regularly by someone you trust! Hope this helps!! :shades:
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