Radio/Nav/AC Control Bezel Removal (2007)

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I have a 2007 Tahoe with about 40k miles (just out of warranty!) and would like to remove the bezel (plastic woodgrain piece) that surrounds the radio/nav & AC controls. A barely noticable but very annoying crackle has started and it sounds like it's coming from behind the bezel. I'm thinking maybe a screw has become a little lose which is causing the noise. I would like to get in behind and just tighten everything down...

Has anyone had any experience removing this piece? Are there any removal instructions out on the web? It's a pretty tight fit so I don't want to just start prying on it and see if it pops off. Maybe there is a special tool??

Any help would be appreciated...




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    It is very easy. The bezel just pops off held by three clips. The following link has a video showing how it is done.

    I installed the lockpick and I love it.
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