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I have bought an nearly 3 year old Subaru Tribeca here in Germany. It´s a very great car and I like this car more than may former BMW 5. But since some weeks, there is a rattle on the right front side whenever I drive over a lighty bumby street. It seems to be under the mountings. The mechanician told me that this can be a very time-wasting (an therefore a expensive) troubleshooting.
Has anyone the same noice and knows what to do ?
Apologize my bad english - I hope you could understand.
Thanks to everybody who could give me some tips.


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    Rattles are usually from loose exhaust heat shields, check those first. A quick weld might fix that.
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    I will start fixing mine tomorow .I will keep you posted .
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    I have tried to fix this - but with no success :-(
    if its cold there is no rattle - and since weeks its cold
    If you find the reason, please let me know.
    The Tribeca is the best car I ever had, but the rattle is annoying.
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    It worked !!Two bushings 9$ per one. 30 min under the car. Cheap , and effective I'm happy camper again. :) THANK YOU ALL again!!!!!!!
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    Glad to hear it.
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    Glad to hear it.

    Shouldn't that be "Glad to not hear it"? :P
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    my 06 with 55K miles has just spent the last 2 days at the dealer with a "rattle/clunk" going over bumpy surfaces and when hard braking. after all yesterday afternoon and most of this morning tightening stuff and road testing etc etc they finally decided at least some of the noise was from a rusty caliper not releasing properly. so they were fixing the brake pads as they were quite worn out on one side from this when they found a cracked control arm, so they are replacing them now.

    also had one of the power accessory outlets in the center console keep burning out, they need to order a new one as something must be shorting out.

    thank goodness for the subaru gold warranty I got! I think I will be getting my money out of it
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    I've put on another 400 miles since the control arms were replaced and the noise I brought it in for originally is still there . The accessory outlet has finally arrived so I will drop it off again and see what they say.Had the infamous bushings replaced 2 years ago already. :(
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    Replace your front sway bushings again. I've had to have mine replaced about every 20-30K miles over the 133K miles I've racked up so far on my 2006 Tribeca.
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    These will fit perfectly and have zerk fittings that you can lube:

    Energy Suspension 9.5165G

    Found them at Amazon! In Sexy Red!!!

    Others: =MembersPOPRank%20ASC&page=3
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    Just purchased a TriBeCa 2008 with 39k miles from a dealer. Heard a little rattle during drive a nd I
    Thought I was being a little picky so. Let it go, but OMG the drivers door rattles so loud at highway speeds- it sounds like popcorn popping. I'm afraid they won't fix it. What can I do? :lemon:
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    Take it to the dealer you bought it from. Even though it's a used car, you still should have a limited warranty. Don't wait too long, as that warranty may not be for too long.

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    30 days, right? Hurry...
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    Door rattles on a Subaru... what a shocker! I've had them on the last three purchased. The good news is that it is very fixable; there are factory TSBs available to guide the process.
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