New RDX owner- Harsh ride

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I've had my 2010 RDX for a week now and love it except for the ride quality. I find it hard to believe they softened it up for 2010. I will say this though, it corners like an expensive sports car. The car transmits every ripple in the road. It's not bad driving around town. It only feels harsh around 70mph and above.

I'm amazed that the FM radio doesn't give song titles like XM does. I hate having to push the disclaimer button every time you start out. That disclaimer is for idiots. It insults me every time I start the car.

Everyone I've showed my RDX said it must have cost north of $50k. Of course I say you're right. I got it in Pearl White and it looks stunning, inside and out.


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    I suppose you checked the tire pressures against the recommendations on the door sticker?
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    I think you are right. The DIC says 35-37 lbs. The door says 32. I never thought my dealer would deliver a car without checking the tires. I'll report back in a few days after I drive my new, newer ride :)
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    35 isn't too bad. Often the tires are inflated to ~45 pounds for shipping.

    And yeah, often the dealers overlook stuff on the delivery inspection checklist.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed. :)
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    Finally got the RDX back from the wife and went on about a 30 mile trip. Lowering the pressure from a high of 37 down to 32 made a world of difference. While the ride is still tight, it is very comfortable. This thing corners like no car I've ever driven. It just stays flat in a hard turn. I love it!

    BTW, I've noticed that while 2 different gauges, one spring loaded and the other digital, said 32lbs. the TPMS said 34-35. I'm going with the gauges as the right measure. What do you think?
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    Glad to hear the ride improved.

    I dunno about the gauges. The old rule of thumb was to take three of them, take a tire pressure with each, keep the one in the middle, and throw the other two away. :P

    You'd think the TPMS would be very accurate; maybe your system uses the indirect sensors that aren't as accurate.

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    I'm happy to report that after putting more than 1,000 miles on the RDX, it has considerably softened the ride. I hope this doesn't mean that in 2,000 more miles it will be like mush ;)
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    I'm at 500 miles on a 2010 RDX, 36 psi driving around (resting is about 32-33). . .ride is GREAT. . .mind you my last ride was a 2005 Mitsu Evo VIII!! :D
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    I have to return my RDX 2007 soon from lease 36 month. I pay 458.00 per month without teh. package for 1500 miles/month. I am thinking to keep this car
    ( finance ), but not sure about if it worth . Any suggestions?
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    If it's in good condition with low mileage, why not return it and get a new lease? Couldn't be much more and it will have the latest features (albeit similar). Or, you could keep it for the next ten years! It's such a great car, it will last long, but for the same price, you'll probably get better mileage and . . . free new XM for 3 months! Plus all the little tweaks they've made from experience over the past 3 years.
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    Hah. I just noticed that you posted 4 months before I did. I wonder what you did.
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    I own a 2010 RDX with almost 10K on it and have recently noticed a high pitched noise when starting my car, the dealership changed the fuel pump twice and on the third time i brought it in (for the same problem) I was told this was a common noise for RDXs..Can anyone help me with this? I love love my new car except that noise is just driving me nuts.
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