Chevrolet Silverado and Sierra Hybrid

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So is there anybody out there with a new Silverado or Sierra Hybrid?


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    I am wondering what is the service life of the batteries in these vehicles, and to a lesser degree what the replacement cost might be.
    If anybody knows, or knows where to find out, please let us know.
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    Yes just bought a 2009 Sierra HyBrid
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    Should be around the 8 years GM warranties them for cost I am not to worried as I will get a new one by then.
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    My dealer has a 2009 3HB Sierra with the sunroof on the lot. I took it for a test drive and thought it would allow me to get rid of my commuter car and my 1500HD. My commute to work is about 20 miles, so the 20-22 MPG hybrid would be OK.
    The dealer warned me that because of the weight of the truck, around 5800lbs, it would have to be registered with commercial plates. 5500lbs is the limit in NYS.
    What's silly is, my 1500HD weighs 5470 lbs, so I have passenger plates. Last week I picked up a pallet of paver blocks that were about 2500lbs. So my GVW with me in it was just over 8200lbs with a max of 8500lbs allowed.
    The hybrid is a 1/2 ton, barely, with a GVW of 7000lbs.
    You would think the state would try to promote hybrids.
    I drive on a parkway regularly and commercial plates are a no-no
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