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Torque and power distribution on the 2010 AWD Equinox

mcpoteetmcpoteet Member Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
Does the AWD 2010 Equinox transmission transfer sufficient torque/power to the rear wheels to move the vehicle forward if both front wheels have no traction? Specifically this is with the vehicle climbing a grade (less than 10 degrees).


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    rvothrvoth Member Posts: 147
    Ask your GM tech/mechanic they should know.

    My 08 AWD moves power to the rear wheels when the front looses traction, just like on ice or snow. I believe the power is distributed 90-85% front,10-15% rear under normal operation . Works very well on ice and snow, love it.
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    mcpoteetmcpoteet Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the response. The Chevy dealer got back to me and said that he was told that the front:rear power ratio was 60:40. I assume this is the max distribution. As you say I expect that in normal operation the car is essentially FWD only.
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