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Mazda CX-9 Passenger Floor Leak

hammervettehammervette Posts: 27
edited October 2014 in Mazda
2008 CX-9. First problem was when the car turned off the HVAC fans turned on for approx. 1 minute. The dealer replaced a relay and it fixed that problem.

Now when the wheel is turned (about a quarter turn or more) the fans turn on, and the passenger floor mat and carpet under the mat is soaking wet. The dealer stated that they don’t know what’s wrong and we should try to keep the fresh air setting closed during rainy days!!!

Any input would be appreciated.


  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    All signs indicate that you need another more capable dealer. :mad:

    I have a 2008, not a single problem you indicated.
    I leave my A/C to auto since I got it two years ago.
  • 1 - You definately need a more capable and willing dealership.

    2 - Fans coming on when turning the definately have an electrical problem, have it looked at by the more capable and willing dership.

    3 - Carpet wet...sounds like your drain tube for the evaporator is either sitting inside the cabin instead of extending all the way out into the outside, or the drain tube is clogged up not draining properly and water accumulating inside the evaporator case and seeping through into the carpet.
  • Thanks,
    Going to a new dealer on Monday, I'll post the results.

  • robh63robh63 Posts: 4
    Did not see your posting of results. I saw your post since we had water in the passenger side of the cabin. Our '08 CX-9 was previously owned. The problem is the drain lines from the sunroof and the evaporator line from the A/C were clogged. It took two visits to remedy. The problem only occurred when the A/C was on, which is why it didn't happen the first three months when the weather was cooler.
    The first time the dealer flushed the sunroof drain lines and lots of leaves and dirt flushed out. Took it home and same problem. You could hear the water shifting in the fan unit as you turned just enough to allow the blades to contact the water and throw it in the cabin. Another dealer said there is a hidden drain line under the exhaust that services the A/C evaporator line. The dealer had to put a hanger up there to finally clear it and they got a shower. All is fine now. Lesson: Don't park your CX-9 under trees apparently. Not sure if the owner did this with his sunroof open, but who knows. If you garage them, you shouldn't have a problem, so they say. But if your cx9 is in dusty, dirty, leafy conditions, you may want to flush the lines from your sunroof annually.
  • I have a 2008 CX-9 and its warranty is expiring in December 2010. Overall I've been very happy with the car but lately it has been having few issues. I noticed the fan would come on after I turn the car off. Also I noticed that there was lots of water on the passenger side mat. Initially I thought I had dropped a bottle but on investigation my wife noticed that It was leaking from inside the dashboard. Took it to the dealer in Staten Island and he said the evaporator drain is clogged and it meant that water was not draining. According to him if dry leaves fall and crumble through the windshield grill clogging this drain. Of course now it is all moldy in there. He told me it is a maintenance issue and Mazda would not cover it as part of the regular warranty. So charged me 300 bucks extra on top of the 600 he is charging to to the 30,000 mile servicing plus 100 that he is charging to hook the computer to find why I'm having all these problems. Is this all normal to pay so much while the car is still in warranty? Also this drain problem seems like a design flaw to me. I have had a honda for 10 years now and never had such issues. Any comments would be much appreciated.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    A/C fan come-on issue requires replacing two relays. There is a TSB for it.

    30K service is a waste of money.
    Do mantanence by the schedule in the owners' manual.
    Dealer loves those XXk service package - big ripoff.
    Especially the cabin air filter. Dealer charges you $80 easily, when it actually costs about $10 for the part, and 1 minute to install it.

    Water problem?
    I don't have this problem, but I do clean debris regular for any vehicles I own(ed).
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    edited November 2010
    What Ceric said X 2 ----^

    BTW, the relay part number is G115-67-730, you will need two of them one for the front blower and one for the rear one.

    Good luck!
  • cx9njcx9nj Posts: 1
    Can someone tell me where the ac drain is so that i can unclog it.
  • coachizcoachiz Posts: 9
    If you haven't found it already, the AC evaporator drain plug is located on the driver's side, under the vehicle, on the upslope for the "transmission hump" & under the silver protective sheeth. The drain plug is a white plastic grommet which makes a sharp upturn immediately. Trying to clean the drain tube with a hanger is difficult but an air hose, if you have a compressor, works well. Be prepared to get wet if the evaporator is full & you've already gotten water on your mats as the water will come gushing out after the block is cleared.
  • daniel3bdaniel3b Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem, went under the car but couldn't find the white plug, i am afraid to end up making things worst, Did you get it done? Was difficult? Could you take a picture of the plug? I am on a really tied budge and don't wanna take the car to the dealer . Any help would be great appreciated. Thank you, Daniel.
  • coachizcoachiz Posts: 9
    I'm heading out the door soon & don't have time to take pics but if you find the silver heat shield on the driver's side of the underbody, you're close. This shield would be in the area next to the driver's right foot. Peel the shield back a few inches & you'll find the white plug - it's less than an inch in diameter. As mentioned, I tried a hanger with no luck so you may need to find an alternate method to clear the obstruction. Good luck!
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