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03 Caravan 2.4 DOHC BKN T belt

Need to rplace eng. Will any other models work? Like one from a PT crusier? I can get 06 07 08 or even 09! I live in the Hawaiian Islands so my choices are very limited. Mahalo, Leo


  • Hio, im was driving on exp-way this am ,and all of a sudden ,my 2.4 litre dodge caravan engine seemed as it was shut off??,dead ,so i pulled off the hy-way and ,tried to restart engine, But to no avail it will not start, I replaced the T belt 50,000 miles back, along with a new head and water pump as well , and vechile has, not had any problems running wise ,like it was new ,ran great untill today, If it is the T belt that gave way ,does that meen my engine is toasted??Im scarred it will be a expense not worth paying to have repaired?? the caravan is 2003 model, but i love it, and dont want to see t go ,would a new engine be a better idea ,than repairing ,??? :sick:
  • Hello , Im wondering if i should consider finding another engine that will fit in and work okay from a newer caravan than my 2003 model,??will any latter ones fit and bolt up correctly, with out alot of modifactions , If it was my T-Belt that failed ,will the engine be damaged major when it went??? :sick:
  • In respect to my Post above, I have found out it was T-Belt that broke,and the problem has been repaired ,by shop,.However he told me that whoever replaced the T belt before 51,000ago, broke rear cover, and only put on half of the broken cover rather than replaceing it with a new one , sadly it was down in Texas ,and i wasnt going bother or [non-permissible content removed] about it . The new belt with cover install wasnt that bad of exspene total job including new cover and labor $418.23 parts were 135.73+65.00 for the cover, I guess i got out ok on this, It runs as if new still and the odemeter reads 251,000 as of ths posting,(I prayed that no vavales or anything else was damaged,and thenks to the man above and the non-interference engine ,all was good)Just wantd to post problem was sloved, hanks to all who read my post , on the 13th :)
  • Hello, Everyone, Im feeling alittle bit stupid, Because when i picked up the Caravan from the repair shop , i noticed all was running very well, idleled great and preformed well overall, However, the following day , i noticed the engine wasnt ideleing very well at all ,and sorta surgeing as i was at a stop light , It did not Die , but it seemed as it was surely gona any second, ??Ok I with that being said , my other problem was the Airbag indicator light on the dash wouldnt go out , so i called this so called repair shop that sorta recommended to me by a buddy>??And the Jerk mechcanic, acted as if the problem wasnt his fault in the least,??He said the vechile is got alot of milage on it , How do i know it wasnt on before you came in ???, Ok i said ,But also the Passenger side running headlight wasnt working at all either.?But when i turn on the Headlamps , both lightas work fine , hi/and Low beams. Okay i said to him one more time calling his shop for som relief??He said once again to me , sorry, but you must have a burned out Bulb or whatever??, Well at that point i kindly said my farwells to him , and mentioned id be stopping by and droppring off a repair invoice to him if it turns out the Air-Bag indicator light was on because of a wire /or plug he forgot to replug in to the lume??, or m,aybe he unseated the headlame cable or plug maybe ??, If anyone has any insight to those
    two problems or knows about how they interconnect to the wireing harness, Id luv to hear from you , , And it maybe might stop my Baseball -Bat attitude anger alittle too, and save this ,poor bedside mannor Mechanic, Who doesnt understand Customer Service at all , I would never trest my customers as he acted towards me the other day , ??P.S.S Well here it is Sunday , and the vechile is still running OK i guess it doesnt appear to be idleling as rough as the night before, But Air-Bag light still on , /Headlight running lamp still out ,??Thanks Have a great Week Teltom :confuse:
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Rough idling after a timing belt change sounds like the timing is off. The Haynes manual for these vans has very detailed instructions for the 2.4. Good luck.
  • Thanks for your input on rough ideling issues, But it seemed to now kinda be normal , not so rough anymore?I. think that is great,but what about the Airbag light on dash being stuck on"", is there a fuse for that and if there is could it be bad i never had light on before?? look forward to your response

    Thanks again for all your feedback ,Teltom :)
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    If it wasn't on before the timing belt work, perhaps a sensor related to the airbag was damaged during the timing belt work? A real shot in the dark, but I would check out the sensors. Good luck..
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