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    I am considering buying a 93' J-30 with 109 K miles. I was told by the mechanic that there might be a power steering leak and he sugguested it might cost me 2400 to replace the whole power steering system in order to fix the problem. Just wondering if anybody out there had similar problems, and if it is worth the risk to buy the car. The asking price is 5300, and there're a few cosmetic issues--two dents on the side and one crack in the windshield. Thanks.
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    I purchased my 93J in 96 with 32K on it. It now has 198K on it. I happened upon this board while researching other cars. My J has turned into the car from hell. I absolutely loved this car up until about 3 years ago when I had my second child. Car is just too small for 2 kids, kids friends and "stuff", but I lived with it. In 1989 I had to replace the blower and compresser on the AC to the tune of about $1300 (dealer). In 1990 the Ac stopped working again which the dealer attributed to wiring harness "issue" which would cost me another 2K. Seeing as I live in New England I went without AC. Then last fall my windshield wiper motor stopped working in the intermediate mode, inconvience yes, cheap repair (so I a told) but decided to live with it. CD player seems to have developed the same problem many here have. Last fall my taillights stopped working. Dealer once again insisted it was a wiring harness issue and would cost me 2K. Because I had a front end colision late last summer I was able to get the insurance company to cover the repair, funny thing is the dealer was willing to replace only the wires needed for them and didn't have to do the whole harness, cost $325. Then I failed emmissions inspection due to a leak in the exhaust. Quoted 2K to replace by dealer and muffler shops. Ends up exhaust is a duel unit made of stainless steel and there is no aftermarket for unit, only what dealer sells. I was able to get local shop to weld a piece in place to repair hole for less than $200, but they warned me that it could only be done once.

    Now my doors sometimes won't unlock. I once got locked inside the car with the windows rolled up and hubbie outside with the key which wouldn't open the door (the old fashion mechanical way). After being locked inside a J you soon realize how small these puppies are. Ended getting out after hubbie fished a coat hanger in and got the lock to open. Dealer says it could either be the the timing actuater or some thing else which I can't remember. Oh, and sometimes the driver door won't close, something wrong with the latch. I now climb out the passenger door. My front lights work intermittently, but it sounds like it is the relay (thanks to everyone here) so I will try replacing that.

    So all these problems have pushed me over the edge. I love the performance of my J, but I really need more seating room so I am looking for another car. Thought I would have to buy one this week with the headlight issue, but maybe I can drag it out a few months.

    Wished I had found you guys earlier.
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    hi i recently looked at a 94 J for $5000 with relatively low mileage of 70,000 from a private seller. well i test drove the car and the ride was fantastic but the dash board lights did not work. so im trying to lower the price of this car to make a better deal how much would this cost to fix the dashboard lights?
       also this is just out of curiosity, the car that i looked at was a jade green which is not too green so i'm ok with it but how much would it cost to coat it single or double with black color?
        since this car did not get a tune up at 60k how much would it cost?
        to all the J30 gurus out there please share the wealth for a 20 year old J lover.
         Thanks to everyone who might take their time to share the knowledge.
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    i am willing to buy the J i think tomorrow. I'm going to make a final decision if my 20yr veteran mechanic tells me that the car is fine. I love the J already even though i don't have the car yet and plus i think i got more than 100 J gurus who can help me when i'm stuck.
    However could my car be rolled back. it's almost ten yrs. old but only has about 66,000. well i checked the carfax report provided by the current owner and the numbers kinda matched or i assume because I really don't know too much about cars.
    well remember my questions about the dashboard lightswhich won't come on? and the paint job of getting single or souble coat of black on top of my dark green J? and also I noticed that the passenger side back window gets stuck half way while going up or down,it actually makes a loud jamming noise and or cracking sound which i really can't remember or describe but it does go up after the noise. from reading the forum i guess i know what to do.... but additional tips or advices are gratefully welcome.... thanks to all the J fanatics out there. And plz gimme an advice ASAP
    because i am waiting in front of my computer for a comment..... like a 7 yr old in front of a toy shop.....
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    A 94' with 66,000 miles for $5k is a good deal.
    The dashlight problem could be a fuse, try replacing that.
    Infiniti used very good paint on the J's, it resists fade and oxidation, so I would not paint over it. Live with the green, just give it a good polish and wax detailing. Zymol wax works well.
    Let us know your mechanic's opinion.
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    You need to replace 25980-10Y01 (Dimmer switch for instrument panel and console, $66.73) Tap on it and see if the instrument light will flicker. Try some contact spray first.
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    Can anyone tell me what does this device looks like?
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    looking at a 1994 touring model with 67k miles, going for ~$4000. Another is a 95 T with 119k miles for $4200. Should I choose the lower mileage? They are both in pretty good condition. Hard deciding whether to go with the mileage or the year, although the mileage difference is substantial. Better yet, should I take a low-mileage 96 T for ~$6200.

    Thanks for your responses
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    I just bought my 2nd car from the same dealer on EBAY. My 1st was a 1999 I30 which was totaled by a drunk driver at 12 in the afternoon,nice right.
    I just won the did on a 1995 J30 with 96000 miles form $5200. Price im not concerned about because I dont have 12 months to look for a car. My concerns are, after reading these messages I wonder did i do the right thing or would i have been better with the I30. Should I exspect to have many problems with this car and cost me $
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    I recently blew out the back speakers in my '95 Infiniti J30. Since they are Bose, all the car audio places say I can't replace the back speakers alone, because of the way they are wired. Apparently, with how my car is set up, if I wanted to replace one part, I would have to replace my entire system. Is there any way I can possibly just get the back speakers repaired, rather than replaced? While I can't stand only listening to music on my front speakers, I am not able to spend the money to replace my entire audio system. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I am seeming to have a problem with the electrical system in my car. I have had 3 different brake lights replaced in the past 2 months, and my audio deck light is behaving with a mind of its own. It is inconsistenly on, sometimes being completely off or very dim. It is frustrating to not be able to see what track the cd is on, or what stations you are flipping through. Any ideas as to what is wrong with my car? Possibly a wiring issue? Or perhaps some creature of Satan has evoked its wrath upon my vehicle? Nonetheless, any help or advice will be, once again, greatly appreciated.
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    I own a 93 J-30 with 110K miles. Have gone through the standard sunroof and dashboard light problems on more than one ocasion. Had to replace the starter once as well. Recently, when I try to start the car, I hear a high-pitched screeching sound for about 15 seconds (pretty scary) after which the engine runs fine. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would definitely take the car in for a service check just to find out what exactly is going on with it. I haven't heard of that issue at all on this board with a J30 but I have heard of that problem on other cars. Just get them to runa diagnostic on the vehicle itself and check it out.
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    I am considering buying a 95 j30. I was wondering if anyone knew about the quality and how many miles it will last. Thank you for your help!
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    Good morning all,

    I have a problem with my 1997 Q45, the idle is high (2500) while in neutral, when I shift to drive or reverse, it goes back down to normal (800 or so) while not moving. When the car is moving it idles normal it seems. Also, just before the idle problem started, my "CHK ENG" - TCS OFF - ABS - SLIP ----- lights are all ways on, on the dashboard now and my RPM hand has stop working. Any ideas? I took it in to one "mechanic" and he stated that I needed an ECU and a WIRING harness and the total cost would run around $5000.00. I can't afford that, I need some help if anyone can. Thanks
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    Two of my window motors are acting up. Is there an after-market place that sells window motors without going Nissan / Infiniti route ? This must be a common problem with J30s. Does the Z ('90 through '96) use the same window motor considering it has the same engine ?

    PS: On a side note, it seems there are more questions than answers on this board.
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    Hi, I must have missed your message when you posted it, I apologize. You probably ought to ask that question in our Idle or Stalling Problems discussion. You might also like to visit our Inifiniti Q45 discussion. Good luck!
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Yes, there aren't a whole lot of J30 owners hanging out here. You might also want to post in our Electronic Gremlins discussion - some folks have talked about window motor issues there. Or if the doesn't look like a good place, maybe try our Got a Quick, Technical Question? discussion. Hope this helps.
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    I was reading my owners manuel for the first time and it says that the 1993 J30 came with a microphone located left of the cruise control on/off switch.........ok............I see the microphone . It says you can hook a cb radio or car phone. But in no way does it tell you how? So I was wondering if any of you guys had ever noticed it or know how to hook it up?
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    Two of my windows have sluggish window motors. Is this a common problem ? Is there a good economical solution other than going to the dealer and paying their steep prices for new motor part ?
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    Purchased a 95 J30 with 117k miles on it, excellent interior and great exterior paint with usually dings from normal usage. However, the car has an exhaust leak at the manifold and I'm told that there's a TSB on it concerning the bolts that Nissan had been using years ago in lots of it's cars, how they would rust off and leave you with expensive work extract the pieces and replace them with updated stainless steel bolts. Anyone familiar with this problem, let me know if it may be worth contacting Nissan to see if they may be willing to foot some of the cost, especially since I'm also the proud owner of a 2001 Pathfinder SE. I'll be taking it into the shop a couple of days from now. By the way, Midas or Meineke could not handle it.
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    can you tell me what went wrong with your dashboard.
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    looking at a 96 j30 in great condition the headlights had the "headlamp relay" problem which was fixed by seller now the tail lights that did work........dont. fuses are good bulbs are good can anyone offer help on this one picking up the car next week the lot the car is at has agreed to fix but dont know where to look next ........ its a friend....... other than that the car is a dream dont want this to mess up the deal help!!
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    The infinity is a lixury car and always needs pampering............
    The octane 91 grade is the minimun grade of gas that it requires.
    The ideal thing would be to put a Gas STP cleaner with every gas fill up.
    That will better your milage to a good extent.
    Infinity leaves holes in the pocket in this expensive market.
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    Hey my friend.........let the deal go, even if it is for free.
    It might be a low price, but the maintanance is a very big problem.
    Low milage and lot of electric problems are common in the car. Also check if the stereo is working.
    The milage on the infinity is just 13miles to a gallon.
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    Recently the passenger side door of my infiniti j30 started having problems and wouldnt open with the wireless key fob and I was just opening it manually.
    The door lock on the inside would open and close but the door would remain just locked and would open only after i inserted the key.

    Now the door got stays closed and does not open even manually. I am getting into the car now using the front passenger side door. The mechanic says it will cost upwards of $300 to open the door and
    then fix it.

    The motorized window works. When I was able to open the door manually with the key, the door lock on the inside would click as if the relay was having problems. I wish I had it fixed when the problem was not as bad :(

    Anyhelp would be really really appreciated.
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    When my wife bought her 97 J30 here in the Kansas City metro area, she was told she must buy snow tires (we bought a set of Blizex). Now the set is 7 years old, still with lots of tread, but I'm told any more than 5 years off a rim means the sidewalls will have degraded.

    In your experience - you get far more snow than we're used to here - do you find that you need snow tires, or are all-weather radials plus some "ballast" in the trunk sufficient?
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    I love my j30 but lately i've been having some problems with it. The car will hasitate when accelerating, in other words i have to wait a few seconds after pressing the peddal for it to react and go. If any one had this problem before some feedback will be appreciated thanks!!!! :sick:
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Member Posts: 252
    It sounds like an auto transmission issue if there is a delay after you press the gas pedal and there is no action. But if you are experiencing hesitation while the car is attempting to accelerate, it is related to fuel system. You will have to clarify what exactly hesitation means in your context.
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    Happy new year all! Winter is still going be with us for a while in NE. I have no heat and the service station mechanics changed the thermostat and flushed the radiator twice. Still no heat, they tell me that a small door is not opening in the heater compartment to let the hot air in from the heater core compartment. The mechanic tells me the heater core is getting hot, and that the actuator arms are moving as the heat is selected. He tells me that this may take many hours to do. Anyone know where the heater core is located? Can it be reached from the hood or from the inside passenger side? Thanks.
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    I am having the same problem with my 1993. I took it to a repair shop in August. The invoice said they reset parameters for base idle and timing. When I got it back it ran like new, great power and gas mileage. About a month later, it started to lose power again. It has become progressively worse since then. When I step on the gas it bogs down, sometimes it barely moves. Once it gets going, power seems to improve, but it still doesn't feel right. I took it back to the shop that originally fixed it, they had it for five days and said they couldn't repair it. The gas mileage is at an all time low: 71 miles on half a tank.
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    is there anyone that could help me figure out how to replace a sun roof motor the sunroof just lets up and down but not back and forth all help is needed thanks,tom
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    My '95 has the same issue. I believe it is a fairly common problem with J30. Here is the only link i found that explains how to fix this issue. Looking at the extensive labor involved, I am afraid to even touch it. My sunroof opens about couple of inches and stops there. If someone else has another easier solution, i;d be very interested as well.
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    I recently purchased a 1994 J30 w/100K It is in great shape except the radio doesn't work (I knew this going in). It had a cassette jammed in it and I figued if I could get it out it would probably work. Well I got it out and still nothing. I purchased a used one on e-bay and plugged it in and still nothing. I can not find a fuse dedicated to the radio. Any ideas??????
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    I bought a side view mirror unit on Ebay for a 97 J30. I thought it would be a simple replacement, but there were barriers in the way. How can I remove those barriers?
    Also the car does not give heat till driving for a long time. I have bought a thermostat, but I can't determine where to place it. Suggestions appreciated.
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    hi. i just read your message from june 2003 about your J30 tranny. i am unfortunately experiencing the same problem right now with mine and am wondering if you ever found a solution. and if so, would you be kind enough to share it please. i have gotten my transmission fluid changed and that didn't help at all. someone told me to get the whole tranny changed and that is giving me nightmares!
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    I'm Canadian and just inherited a '93 J30t. 226,000 klicks. I've been putting in high octane gas since I got it and wanted to know if anyone puts regular in their tank?
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    i just bought a 93 j30 w/ 187,000!!!!!!! car runs great, ac is cold, heat is hot, car looks good.. it has the issue w/ the bose radio that the cd player is picky and doesnt play many cd's, am/fm works great, no display though, it has that strange small vibration i kinda feel in the rear of the car. and from reading ALL 600+ posts here i think its the 2 piece driveshaft??? and i believe the car needs new struts/shocks.. tires are in good condition and not worn funny so it might not need an alignment or anything... EVERYTHING else in the car works and i picked it up for $2k. the guy i bought it from said the he THINKS the person before him replaced the motor/trans w/a 95 motor/trans.. is there ANY way i can look at either of them and tell if this is true?? maybe #'s on either of them?? im just curious because of the timing belt.. i would be getting it replaced if its the 93 engine.. but no smoking or anything.. sunroof and headlights all work great. it has a SLIGHT vibration at idle when in gear and thats it.. i LOVE the way this car rides and drives on the interstate.. i cant wait to get new shocks/struts in it and then it will be even better im sure. this car has no leaks of anykind either.
  • cloccloc Member Posts: 2
    I also have the same problem and just had 2 replace the trans. can't get of the hasitation. i've had the car in 4 shops no one knows whats wrong. did u ever find the problem? would appericate any help
  • jpclassjpclass Member Posts: 2
    My right headlight is sporatic at best. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I truly believe it is a relay issues. Where to I find that new $30 part you mention.


  • cloccloc Member Posts: 2
    I got mine from infiniti for about $39. but make sure to put it in your self
  • jpclassjpclass Member Posts: 2
    Thank you, truly appreciate the help.
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    I've had my J30 for 2 years now, and ever since i got it...the locks have had a mind of their own.

    I've read posts about the "door lock timers", but i don't think thats my problem. I have a programmed keyless entry that came with the car, that i use often. Since the last owner, when i open the door with the key--the alarm goes off. So i just used the keyless entry all the time.

    When i attempt to unlock my doors, i can hear some kind of mechanical "gears" almost struggling to open the door. The actual lock button (above the latch to open the door iteself) will only be pushed out half way. As soon as i open the latch to the door fully, BOOM! the DOOR LOCKS itself again.

    I currently only have 1 door that opens, the back passenger door. So i have to crawl through the back seat into the drivers side.

    I've had a problem like this before with the doors, however it fixed itself. i just kept unlocking and unlocking the door, but somehow i think i've gotten myself into way more trouble doing that this time.

    ***I noticed today before i got locked in, when i went to shut the driver side door--it flung back open. when i shut it again it locked me in.

    my doors also have a funny lock system, when i unlock the door with the keyless entry the driver side door unlocks alone, i have to click the button twice to open all doors.

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    I am having the same prob with mine! and I lost the keys for it so I called the dealer and they sent me a new set but with no remote for the keyless entry, now when I reconnect the battery the alarm goes off and I can find a way to start it or anything. I need help in a major way, I need this car to work and with out it I will be broke in a few days, please help asap I would appritiate it greatly
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    Anybody else getting an ERR message when you put a CD in? Is it just from the heat/humidity?

    Also, has anybody else tried putting using Mobil 1 oil? I'm thinking about switching to this soon.
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    Recently bought '93 J30. It had the right headlight busted. I put one in that I got from a junk yard. It will not work. I do not know where the find the headlight relay. Can anybody help with this?

    Also, the stereo will not play. I have it pulled from the dash but am unable to get it to work. Does anybody have any ideas?

    What is the easiest way to sew the seam of the driver's side seat cover?

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have just purchased a 93 J30. The car drives great.
    It does have a little stiff steering when Parking. The suspension has a Loud thug/knock when going on speed bumps.
    I did an inspection the Power steering fluid was over full; I fixed that. The Radius Rod bushing were gone. I have the new bushing I will have to take to a shop to have them pressed on.
    Anyone else have similar problem.
    The sun roof I can hear the motor work but it does not open
    The driver side door has a broken key in it.
    The car has 12k mikes on any and all info will help
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    How did your fix your dash light problem? Mine just went out & I thought it would be a simple fuse or bulb replacement. But the dealer told me it's a $350 repair!!! ($250 part + $100 labor.) I'm hoping there's a better solution. Help!
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    I am very grateful to the others who have posted the dimmer switch repair tips earlier, which restored my instrument, AC control panel, and radio lighting, was easy to perform, and saved me the cost of the part and labor.

    I offer the following summary, with my comments, added for those who may yet need this good bit of advice.

    The instrument lighting dimmer switch on the J30 can be serviced (replaced or cleaned) by unscrewing the panel on which both the dimmer switch and cruise control switch are mounted. This panel can be removed by removing the two screws along its bottom edge, (one on either side of the steering column). There is an electrical plug in either switch, which can be removed by squeezing the square locking tab in on each plug, and pulling them out of their respective switches gently. Adjust the steering column to its lowest setting to allow the switch panel to swing down and away from the dash.

    Remove the dimmer switch assembly and trim fascia from the switch panel by removing the three self-tapping screws. Gently pry the black switch assembly (out of) away from the dash colored fascia. You will see the small rotating contactors at the outer edge of the switch near the thumb wheel. I used electrical parts cleaner spray to clean mine. Then blow the switch off with compressed air, as the solvent-based compounds in the cleaner spray might dissolve the thumb wheel or other plastic components of the switch assembly if left in contact with it.

    You can test the switch by reinserting it in its harness plug if you want before reassembling the dash panel. I found it helped to depress the locking tab in and gently wiggle the dimmer switch and cruise switch plugs back in, rather than try to use any significant force, which might bend the small copper pins that have to slide into the plugs. Even though the switch worked fine during my pre-dash assembly test, it did not work after I assembled the dash. Fortunately I left the lights on, and in the process of wiggling the harness plug out, the dash lights came on and the switch now works fine, which suggest to me that the process of inserting the plug, which is rather snug, can distort the switch case. So if you have the same problem with a new switch or newly cleaned switch, leave the light on and see if the dash lights come on while you are removing or installing the plug.
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