2009 Murano Barking dog noise

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We have a 2009 Nissan Murano that plays a barking dog noise from inside the dash each time the car approaches the home address programed into the GPS. This happens from any direction towards home approximately 1/4 to 1/2 mille from home. It happens with the radio and GPS off and audio off displayed on the screen. Anybody got any ideas? It has to be GPS related because it only occurs when approaching home. It won't occur driving away from home.
Thanks, Eric


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    if you click on the settings button on the center console, then select the navigation option, followed by home it then gives you a list of commands/options for your home location in the GPS: I think if you select edit and then look for something that has a sound settings, usually the default is chime, select that and then it has a list of different noises that can be made when you approach your home location: mine was set to a trumpet in my 2010 Maxima when I got it and so I selected the option of none, so that no noise is made when approaching the home location: hope this helps!!!
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    I love this feature! Does nothing useful, but is one of the fun things about the car. You can also adjust the distance that the "proximity" sound uses. I have ours set to the minimum, which is only 100 feet or so. Plays a very nice welcoming chime as we get home.

    Have you found the altitude display yet? That is a useful feature for those of us who drive frequently into the mountains (Sierra Nevada/Lake Tahoe for us, plus the Grapevine and the Tehachapi mtns outside LA)

    And try explaining to your family what the "mood lights" are for...:-)

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    Thanks for your reply. We called the dealer about the barking dog noise and the service manager laughed and didn't have a clue. Looks like this car has features the dealer doesn't even know about.
    Regards, Eric
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    Thanks for solving the mystery. Even the service manager at a dealer in Phoenix on Bell Road didn't have a clue. He laughed.
    Regards, Eric
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    yeah the salesman and service departments at the dealerships don't have a clue about the cars: I'm the type of person when I get a new car I sit in the thing and read the owners manual so I see how everything work: thats the only way I learn where everything is: plus I love just playing around with the buttons to see what they do: thats another way I do it: anyway, glad to have help solve your problem!!!
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