Astro Fuel Leak

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I have a 1995 Astro with >150,000 miles on it. It has developed a leak in the fuel line just after the fuel tank (fuel pump). The line is over the drive-shaft and muffler. Is this a common problem? Should I even attempt to fix it myself (I am concerned with being able to get to the line, getting the line disconnected - rust, and being able to find the replacement)? Should I take it to a shop - I have a good shop, but don't really want to drop alot of money on the repair. The vehicle runs great, but living in MI the body isn't long for this world.


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    Could be someone goofed up trying to replace the fuel filter. I did mine and didn't even have a flare nut wrench. I just carefully held the big wrench in place as I loosened. Anyway, I'm not clear -did you check the line and find a crack? Is it a loose fitting?

    I have a 92 and my fuel filter was very easy to get to -along the frame just behind the driver's seat. The flow direction arrow on the new made in China one was tiny, so I made a few bigger arrows with a Sharpie that I could see while under it.

    Have to disconnect fuel pump relay, then crank it until it dies and wont start again. That takes the pressure off the fuel line. Ugly bath if ya don't! Fuel pump relay was inside the hood top left, on a small black metal bracket -next to another relay. Then lefty loosey with a small bucket for the small amount of drainage.
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    the van stay accelerate at 30 milages, and how i fix it?.
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