02 Lancer - replacing the slave cylinder

edortizr6edortizr6 Member Posts: 10
Can anyone point me to some "How to" info on changing the slave cylinder. Or has anyone ever change one?

I thought it was the clutch master, changed it and it worked for a week and then, no clutch again. I'm assuming it's the slave cylinder. I hope I don't have to drop the transmission.

Thanks in advance for the help.



  • edortizr6edortizr6 Member Posts: 10
    I forgot to mention that my sister drove the car today and it was fine. Is that normal symptoms
  • edortizr6edortizr6 Member Posts: 10
    Is there a specific way to bleed the clutch, or is it just like bleeding the breaks? Press - open valve - close valve - release, etc.
  • rcefstsfecrrcefstsfecr Member Posts: 1
    If you are going to bleed the clutch, what you have posted is correct. If you are going to replace the slave cylinder then you would have to drop the transmission since it is inside the transmission.

    Hope that helps
  • arizonagmanarizonagman Member Posts: 1
    Hey everyone, can someone out there tell me if you can swap in a 2.4 liter in place of the 2.0 in a 2002 Lancer and not have to change anything? :)

    Will the computer learn the bigger engine? :confuse:

    Is there really anything different except the displacement? :surprise:

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