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Are snow tires needed for a ML 350?

I currently own a 2009 ml 350 with michelin radial x ms tires that i leased in February. These tires are the were OEM. Really did not have to deal too much with the snow since the season was alsmost over. However this year I was wondering how the car is in snow and if I need snow tires. I remeber last year while doing my research that there was some talk of this. Any infor would be helpful.


  • I was just wondering if most owners of the M Class change to studded tires in the winter? I have Nokian WR Sport Utility tires on my ML320 CDI and was wondering about the necessity of studded tires on this vehicle for icy, wet, snowy roads.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 845
    I think the "need" for winter tires (not snow tires) is more dependent on the weather than the vehicle. Remember, the important thing about winter tires is their ability to STOP, not their ability to go.
  • if you have a 4matic I doubt you will need studs. I got my ML350 4matic a week or two before we got a 40" snow last winter and it was awesome in the snow.
  • Hey jah1130, what type of tires do you have on your ML?
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