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  • jgard1jgard1 Member Posts: 19
    While bathing three weeks worth of bugs and rural road debris off of my 97 ES I managed to get a lot of water in the front end. I had a rough idle for a few moments after I started it up and now the CEL stays lit. I'm sure there isn't a problem, the V6 still purrs nicely, and there appears to be no drivability issues. Short of paying Mazda to diagnose a non-existent problem, is there a way to reset the CEL? (i.e. disconnect the battery + connection?) I know you need the diagnostic tool to retrieve the fault codes, and if there really is a problem the computer should flag it again, no?

    BTW on the colour issue, I'm prejudiced ;) but the timberline finish on my car is a real winner. Even when it's filthy, it looks good. When it's clean, I get nothing but compliments on it's colour. Depending on the light it appears to be any of grey, silver, or a very pale metallic green. Some might call it mundane, but that works to an advantage: the local constabulary rarely give it a second look when you happen to cruise by with your right foot being a little too heavy ;)
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    Bought one of these for my wife about 5 weeks ago. She loves it! Before purchasing it, we looked at an I30 - for about 8 grand more! For the $$$, you can't beat this car! This is our 2nd 626 (we also own a Protege') and have become a Mazda family. From my understanding, the AT's on the V6 have no history of the problems experienced on the 4 cylinder models. Good luck on your purchase!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Richard: congrats on the purchase, your wife should enjoy it.

    Rona: both the engine and the tranny on the V6 models are reliable Mazda units.

    Yes, stealthy colors are nice!

  • windowphobe6windowphobe6 Member Posts: 765
    It won't hurt to pull the negative battery cable and see what happens - unless, of course, you've forgotten the antitheft code on the stereo. :)
  • wongskwongsk Member Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of buying a 2000 Mazda 626 in Beige Mica but I'm wondering if the door sashes can come in black instead of the standard matching body-color scheme. I think the 626 looks a lot sleeker if the door sashes are black ala the Millenia.
  • jgard1jgard1 Member Posts: 19
    Thanks Charles, I did as you suggested and it worked. The light remains out now. I had no fear about the radio, anti-theft and the slushbox are the only two options the folks in Flat Rock did not install in my car. :)
  • windowphobe6windowphobe6 Member Posts: 765
    I dropped into the Mazda store yesterday, just to see what they had this late in the year, and it wasn't much - one Miata, one MPV, two Millenias (one base, one S), five 626s (all LX fours with automatic), and way in the back so no one would see it, one Tribute. If there was a Protegé, I missed it. (I didn't look for the trucks; since this dealer also sells Fords, I'd have been hard-pressed to tell Rangers from B-Series at a distance.) They didn't have 2001 brochures, except for the Tribute, so I can't tell you what, if anything, is new for this fall in 626land, but I suspect it's not much.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    They're still not selling Tributes? Jeez.

    I don't know if I'd trust the CD4E tranny, though. Especially with a V6 engine and a heavier vehicle, which means the tranny will have to work much harder.

    Anyone shopping for one is better off waiting for a Mazda manual tranny for that V6.

  • slorenzenslorenzen Member Posts: 694
    I bought a '94 LX-V6 for my daughter some months ago, and it also shifts hard between 1st and 2nd, but gets better after it's warmed up. I bought it from the original owner, who maintained it religeously. He had receipts for tranny service every 20K miles, which he recommended I continue.

    I was surprised at how fun this car is to drive...
  • readytobuy4readytobuy4 Member Posts: 24
    I just purchased a new 200 626 LX and need to let anyone considering purchasing something else should have their head checked. I have never owned a Mazda before and was driving a '91 Acura Integra. I was looking into another Acura or Honda and even considered some other makes but for price, performance, features, warranty-Mazda is it! The 4-cylinder auto isn't as peppy as my 5-spd in the Acura and seems to downshift often when I hit the gas, but that's a small price to pay considering everything else this car offers!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    You should change your handle from "readytobuy4" to "boughta4andloveit". :)

  • wjm1wjm1 Member Posts: 33
    So I hope your daughter is still satisfied with the car (after these few months)?

    How many miles she gets with a tank of gas?

    Anybody tried to use on regular bases regular gas in a '94 V6? I have been told it's ok, but the manual says premium...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    We switched to 87 octane on our '95 V6.

    Why? Well, after years of 93 octane only, we had fuel system problems anyway, and the dealer said it was probably bad gas. The fuel supply was clogging up and the engine hesitated.

    After new plugs, wires, fuel filter, and a good service, all was well, but we've been using 87 octane.

    There is zero difference. In fact, since it's been cleaned, it's actually a LOT faster now, even with the lower octane.

  • slorenzenslorenzen Member Posts: 694
    She not only LOVES the car, but when I remind her it's actually mine, and I'm only LOANING it to her while I pay for her college, she gets all in a snit and walks away.....ingrate....

    We use 89 octane in it, and get around 280-300 miles between fill-ups. I don't actually know, since I can never seem to get the keys away...

    I actually bought that car so I could have my own car back('97 Avalon). When my daughter started driving, I didn't want her to drive my "farm truck"(86.6 Nissan) since small trucks are too dangerous for a new driver. She had learned to drive in my wife's Safari van, and was quite happy to drive that, so my wife stole the Avalon from me, and I was relegated to the farm truck....someone got the shaft on this...I think it was I bought the Mazda since she was headed to college, and I wanted her in something relatively safe and reliable. So far, so good. Like I said before, that car is a BLAST to drive.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    We regularly get 320 miles or more per tank on 87 octane, though ours is a 5 speed.

  • number17number17 Member Posts: 69
    So 87 and 91+ gas doesn't make a difference eh? I notice that the manual recommends premium (91 or better) gas for the V6 engine, though some mazda mechanics told me 89 is ok ..... I have only been running 91 or 94 on the V6 so far .... I probably would anyways, to get better mileage.

    In terms of mileage, I have been getting ~ 100km/10L (23mpg) ... and I get ~280 miles per tank. However, with A/C on in the summer I've been getting ~ 90km/10L only .... ~ 10% worse fuel efficiency .... And I do 80% city / 20% highway driving.

    In any case, 320 miles / tank sounds awfully good, esp with 87 octane ..... I drive a 5sp as well.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Well, not for me. The only difference is I haven't need the fuel system cleaned since I went DOWN to 87 octane! :)

    93 octane doesn't contain more energy, so mileage will probably stay the same. Ours didn't change.

  • skibry1skibry1 Member Posts: 174
    Our 4cyl 5spd is fed ethanol regularly.87 octane
    gives us about 31mpg or 365 per tank.I love
    flexing my left leg!
  • wjm1wjm1 Member Posts: 33
    Thanks for the responce guys.
    By the way - today I left my car in the dealership - to be checked for a vibration I was getting. I suspected tires and they confirmed that. But that's not what I wanted to say - I asked them about the very hard shifting trany.
    "Operates as designed" was the answer...which actually makes me happier.:)
  • appleseed1appleseed1 Member Posts: 1
    I'm petty sure of a 97 626 V-6 I'd like to buy: If there's someone out there who's driving one I'd like to know what you think of it and if (hopefully not)you've had anything go wrong. I drove a 96 and it was the best, most solid, most fun car I've ever driven(I'd have bought except the mileage was too high)Thanks...
  • user325237user325237 Member Posts: 1
    I loved my Mazda but it was totalled in a wicked accident with a young kid running a stop sign. Air bag did major damage to my face but I survived and need a new car. Does anyone know what actual cash value will be offered by my insurer on a 1998 Mazda (30K) excellent condition, automatic transmission with alarm system. It's an LX.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Appleseed: we're happy with our '95. The only problem was a hesitation that turned out to be the fuel system. Dealer fixed it at the first service, though it was out of warranty, and cost use $400 or so. That was the first out-of-pocket repair for us in 5 years, though.

    Pat: Check and for used car values. There is also a NADA book you can read at a library, I'd suggest.

    Ed: get the V6. See if the dealer will let you trade up without a big penalty. That tranny is a reliable Mazda unit.

    John: I'd have the rotors turned. They're probably slightly off.

    Our '95 does not vibrate when stopping. We got new pads last year, but that's it.

  • linux007linux007 Member Posts: 9
    jfkerrigan- It does sound like it is trouble with the rotors. I had the same problem, but on my 93 DX. I have never heard of it happening on sucha new car, but I would get it checked out If I were you, seeing as how you are under warrenty and all.

    Question- Has anyone seen the new nextour:

    Do you think they should build it? 200hp V6. 185” long
  • laurencedlaurenced Member Posts: 1
    I recently bought a '95 Mazda 626 from Carmax and I'm happy with it so far. The only issue is that the O/D (Overdrive) light flashes. It troubles me slightly after reading the posts about the automatic transmission problems with 626s.

    For now I solved the problem by putting black tape over the light. Has anyone else had this problem and what can be done about it?

  • nclarknclark Member Posts: 5
    I am seriously looking at buying a 97 or newer 626
    but all this talk of bad A/Ts on 626 is making me worried . Is the problem only on the 4cyl. models
    or is it with both 4 and 6 cyl.????
  • theparallaxtheparallax Member Posts: 361
    To my knowledge, it's only the 4-cyl auto transmission, so I'd look for a V-6 if I were you.
  • nclarknclark Member Posts: 5
    That was a quick reply. Thanks. I am only interested in a V-6. That is why I asked. But, is the V-6 the same trany from 97-2000??
  • theparallaxtheparallax Member Posts: 361
    I'm not sure about that one! I do know the 626 was redesigned in '98, so there is a possibility that the tranny is different.
  • sugarmagsugarmag Member Posts: 10
    The transmission was redesigned in 98 w/ the rest of the car. It shifts smoother and is supposed to be more reliable. I had a 93 MX6 (same car under the hood) before I bought my 99 626 & there is a huge difference. It doesn't knock your teeth out under hard throttle, & is almost as good as the 5 speed. Try to get a new one if you can, they usually offer good rebates, especially at the end of the model year. I paid about 21,000 for my ES V6, but I've heard of even better deals. I also bought mine in Jan, when they are less willing to haggle.
  • babycat99babycat99 Member Posts: 6
    I had a '93 626 and now lease a '98 626 both 4cylinders. I would not recommend on a purchase a 4 cylinder. My '93 transmission went at 80K. I have automatics in both cars. They both shift hard. I test drove a 6 cylinder and I feel that is the only way to go. I went to price a leftover with the $2k rebate for a '00 626 V6 with automatic and luxury package. Got a price of $18k. I still wonder if I can do better than that?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Think about it - $18k for a V6 auto sedan well equipped is a steal. Look at the big picture. A Maxima, Accord, or Camry would likely cost $25k with all that stuff.

  • skibry1skibry1 Member Posts: 174
    Here in west central IL,we're zoom,zoomin' in
    our 4cyl with a clutch and could not be happier.
    For 16K and the 14yr old rust-bucket we're lookin
    forward to a long cruise. At 4 grand you've
    been thrusted neatly into those comfy seats! This
    is all the power we need.(and probably all I can
    handle)I'm lookin forward to the first snow fall.
  • windowphobe6windowphobe6 Member Posts: 765
    The four-cylinder with a stick should be darn near as quick off the line as the V6 with the automatic, and kinder to your fuel budget as well. Mazda seems to think of this combination as a loss leader, and doesn't build a whole lot of cars this way, but it strikes me as an eminently sensible way to go.
  • babycat99babycat99 Member Posts: 6
    I couldn't believe how many 4 cy sticks I was able to find in the east coast. 4 to lease, 6 to own is the way to go but that is moot now. Last week I assume everyone made their sales quotas. No one wanted to sell me a leftover 626 but this week with a new quota I already got 2 calls. I will try this bad experience again on December 27th and then lean towards the 6. Bye
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Bry: I'm surprised you didn't get a Tribute given the skiing! The 626 ought to be more fun to drive and more reliable, though.

    Isn't the EPA mileage something like 26/34? That's pretty remarkable.

    Still, I'll take the V6/5 speeds combo and just pay at the pump!

  • skibry1skibry1 Member Posts: 174
    As you can see from profile I don't make big
    $$$.Our Freeport fit nicely into the budget
    and doesn't rape us at the pumps(currently
    enjoying 32mpg)! We only had 3 choices and
    being the thoughtful hubby I sided with the
    mrs and went with her favorite color. Black
    was my 1st pick but the green has grown on
    me. I really like,when the sun hits it right,
    a wisp of the primary color sinks thru!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Wonder if that's the same green that was on '95 models, which we have.

    Money ain't everything. My wife stopped working to be with the baby, and she's much happier. That also makes my life a lot easier.

  • brad66brad66 Member Posts: 3
    I just bought new 2000 lx with the V 6 engine it is a beautiful car .. I paid about 16,600 for it plus tax .. I tried to haggle for a few more bucks but those guys were good lol .. Did i get a good price? I love the car .. IMHO its just as nice or nicer then the Accord or Camry .. Any advice on breaking it in? I saw dealer invoice on the car was about 19 000 with auto transmission on kelley blue book so i thought i got a pretty good deal but realize they are trying to unload them ..
  • skibry1skibry1 Member Posts: 174
    Brad, how do you say the year of you new sweetie?
    I like telling friends I'm driving a doubleought
    6....26!With our Freeport 4cyl 5spd the first oil
    change was at 2K(this was early,what with the new
    synthetic oil but I feel better)then every 3K.We
    give her acoupla' minute warm-up and keep the RPMs
    under 3K for the first 15-20 mins.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Debbie: yes, deduct the rebate amount. Though I think you might have to pay sales tax (if applicable) on the full amount, and get the rebate afterwards.

    Bry - do the 2000s come with synthetic?

  • vbentleyvbentley Member Posts: 21
    Anyone have a line on a discount supplier of genuine Mazda parts? I use for my other car but they unfortunately do not carry Mazda OEM parts. Help...

    By the way, have a 90' 626-LX with 86K that runs and looks like a jewel. It has been a wonderful (if not plain-Jane) family vehicle for 10+ years. None of the mechanical problems that seem so common on the later year models. Now if I could only get the power antenna to stop breaking and the power door locks to work, again.
  • mazda1mike2mazda1mike2 Member Posts: 11
    Time to trade that bad boy in.
  • windowphobe6windowphobe6 Member Posts: 765
    Roebuck Mazda in Birmingham, Alabama sells parts over the Net, usually at a fair chunk off OEM list - plug wires for my '93 run $60 or so, versus around $100 - though I don't know how extensive their inventory might be.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    If there is a moonroof, you'll find it tight. Sans roof, it'll be fine.

    I'd get it with the fix, and the paperwork along with whatever service warranty comes with that.

  • emptyremptyr Member Posts: 1
    Bought my 97 626 LX-V6 in May. Very pleased overall with the car. I am concerned that the power roof seems to move tediously slow compared to Jetta roof and others I've owned previously. Is this common to the roof, or am I looking at a replacement here soon.

    thx emptyr
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    It does move a bit slowly, it seems, but not unacceptably so.

    If the engine is off, it seems to move slower on battery power alone.

  • wjm1wjm1 Member Posts: 33
    I don't know about the deal (seems ok for me), but I have '94 626 ES and I'm 6'5'' or so.
    Overall it is ok, but the moonroof takes too much headspace.I can only feel so-so comfortable if the seat is lovered at its max. And even then my hair is touching the roof (and I'm not a hairy guy:) )
    My 2c
  • skibry1skibry1 Member Posts: 174
    I'm 6' and long waisted and my first mod to our
    Doubleought LX w/a clutch was to elevate the
    rear-view mirror button up into the darkened area
    of the windsheild for I was robbed of a sightline.
    1 or 2 more upward clicks of steering wheel
    movement and this honey would be perfect.....but
    I'm pleased with our Freeport rocket.Another mod
    was to build up the headrest restaint 3" so the
    top of seat was parellel to the tops of my ear.
    This is the minimum for optimum protection from
  • windowphobe6windowphobe6 Member Posts: 765
    I drove a Double-Ought today with the moonroof, and I banged my head over a couple of washboards passing themselves off as traffic lanes. Enough, I decided. The one I wound up buying has a perfectly boring, solid roof.

    (And I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I have said before in this space that I think Ford, or perhaps ZF (which is their partner in the Batavia, Ohio transmission plant), has finally swatted the most egregious bugs in the CD4E. Now I have one of my own.)
  • skibry1skibry1 Member Posts: 174
    During the Hunt I learned about lost space aloft
    due to power and gear tracks overhead so I too
    opted for the plain jane roof and added a manual
    open sunroof.I enjoy the style,ventilation and
    the sun beaming into our cruisemobile.
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