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Toyota RAV4 Burning Oil

My 2007 base 4 cylinder RAV4 with 63K miles has started burning about a quart of oil per 1500 miles. Dealer says there are no leaks and this is normal. Is it? We are now using the 5-20 oil. Any similar experiences/suggestions?


  • We have RAV4 2007 V6 - just started burning oil, one quart every 100 or so miles. Brought it to dealer - they wanted to do engine compression test $280. Mechanic seems to think it is ring or valve failure. On phone with Toyota now to see what's up.
  • kschoedkschoed Posts: 1
    My 2007 Rav4 is burning about 1 quart every 1000 miles. It has about 68k miles on it.

    What is odd is that it wasn't burning oil for the first 50-60k miles. Has anyone noticed this change at around the same engine life?

    I'm not happy about it. Those FORD vehicles are starting to look better and better. :-/
  • rockmobilerockmobile Posts: 115
    edited July 2011
    I have a 2007 RAV4 which at only 24k miles is not burning oil but since day one it's been doing something disconcerting.
    When first started in the morning it revs all the way up to around 2000 rpm, then comes down slowly - dealership says this is normal. I have always heard that most of the wear in an engine occurs at that moment, when oil is still not evenly distributed and at the wrong temperature.

    This may or may not be the cause for those engines burning oil but it worries me a bit. Ask for the proper oil viscosity at the dealership or any other shop. 10w 30 (one size fits all at many of these places) is not appropriate for these vehicles.
  • we have an Base 08 with 54K on it and it is burning 1 qt over 2500 miles. It also smells when its running, like its burning or leaking but I see nothing moist or dripping. We bought the extended warranty and are going to call this week.
  • Ours does that as well... What I hate the most is when you shift to drive, it clunks as the RPM's are so high...
  • yes, I noticed it when mine was about 60.000 miles. But the warranty had just expired. Got an extended one and took the car to be checked but I had to pay to have the test done, just to find out that it is "normal" for the 2007 rav4 to burn up to a quart of a gallon. Can anyone believe this. Also it says on the manual to check the oil every time a refuel and to complete every other time if the oil is low.
  • I have an 07 Rav4 and after about 50k miles, the oil started disappearing. I've had two scares so far with low oil. The first time the idiot light came on and when I checked the oil, it was two quarts low. Today, I took it in for an oil change and I had to sign a waiver because the dip stick was dry. The car still runs but I hate this. My 02 Avalanche may need a quart of oil per oil change. Nothing to worry about there.
  • I have a 2006 RAV4 and it is also burning oil. At least 2 quarts low after 1200 miles. I've had the oil changed on a regular basis for as long as I have the vehicle. The first 7 years were free changes from the dealer. When I went there to have the oil level checked, the car was no longer on their computer as if I've never been there. People... DO NOT BUY A RAV4. It has 85K miles and never had a problem aside from recalls and now the big one...BURNING OIL!!! After reading everybody that has the same problem, I wouldn't risk buying a Toyota again!!

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