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2006 Toy Tacoma Evap Canister

jacquezjacquez Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Toyota
is anyone else out there having trouble with the Tacoma's evap canister? My vehicle has just passed the warranty (36,000 or 3 years) and the canister has become defective. The truck only has 9,300 (ninethousand) miles on it! and those suckers are expensive!


  • I also have an 06 tacoma and experienced the same problem. The dealer told me it needed replaced. I took it to the dealer because the engine light had come on.

    Prior to that, I noticed when I stoped to fuel the truck, the gas cap was not on and I thought that may have caused the light to come on. They explained that I could continue to drive the truck with no issues other than I just wouldn't be running as green as if the canister was replaced.

    I chose to drive it a while, and the engine light went out after a few days. I don't think anything was wrong with the canister. They also told me to never overfill the gas tank, meaning that when the handle clicks off, don't put anymore fuel into the tank because this causes the canister to go bad.

    I followed those instructions and now have no issues with the engine light or anything else. I really don't think that the canister was truly bad, I think that I allowed the tank to reach 1/4 and allowed the extra push of fuel into the system to drain, which in turn allowed the canister to dry out a bit.

    The book says that you can remove the canister and used compressed air to clean it and that this will help. You are right, those things are rediculously priced. Hope this helps!
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