Need Help With The 2001 Lincoln LS V8

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I Just bought this car like 10 days ago, its was running great, then the "change the left back light" sign lit up, i changed the light, then the "change oil", then the wipers...I changed all that.
My main problem though is that when im driving, the engine light stays on, when i hit 45mph and up the cars starts to shake and it stops shaking then it does it again, also when I start the car i takes 2 tries for it to start, the car is starting to sound like a truck now, lol, a recent problem that im facing is that the temperature sky rocketed all the way up, and i had to pull over. I went to Pep Boys to get it scanned and they told me they couldnt, something about they couldnt retrieve the code, and suggested me to go to Lincoln dealer. Can anybody help me with these problems. What do I need to do fix these problems? I would appreciate it.


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    You either have bad COPs (coil on plug) or a bad fuel pump or both. For the overheating - if you stop, turn it off and restart it does the temp go back to normal? If so it's probably a bad temp sensor or wire or possibly an air bubble in the coolant. If it stays hot then it's either a bad thermostat or a bad cooling fan. The cooling fan is hydraulic.
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    Could it be the gaskets if there leaking?
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    Leaking valve cover gaskets can cause the COPS to fail.
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    Thank 4 the help, i finally fixed the ride, I replaced the valve gaskets, after that my mechanic told me two cylinders where misfiring and like you said it was the COPS. Thanx a million akirby!!!
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    Be prepared for more of the same... ALL the COP's will eventually fail, 1 or 2 at a time. I'd LOVE to have the exclusive rights to market those damned things...
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    We replaced all the COPs, (8 in all, I believe) and my 01 Lincoln LS still runs rough. It is much better but didn't completely fix the problem. It isn't posting any codes and no warning lights have come on. Also, when I tried to start it today it would try to start and then the horn would start honking and continue until I hit the unlock button on the key fob. It finally started after 4 times of trying. I loved my car up until about a month ago and now I am having all sorts of problems. Any suggestions?
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    That's either a bad battery or battery cable or grounding strap. The alarm thinks someone tried to cut power to the battery to bypass the alarm.
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