2000 Dodge Dakota

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Im thinking of buying a 2000 dodge Dakota from a used car dealership. only problem is the steering is going. when you turn it isnt that tough, a little more than usual but the real problem is that when you make a turn the wheel doesnt slide back. it stays and you have to manually turn it back. i have been told by a friend that it might be the steering box and am going to tell the dealer to fix it but i just want some second opinions so i can be sure that it is in fact the steering box. thanks for all your time and help.


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    i got a99 dakota with a 3.9 and auto tranny,when i run the truck for a few miles i can smell tranny fluid,any input would be helpful
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    It most likely is the u-joint in the steering shaft. I think the whole shaft will need replaced. I have heard some people use a spray lube to buy some time.
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