Fog Lights for Chevrolet Equinox

carguy05carguy05 Member Posts: 30
Just purchased a Nox 1LT recently and love it so far. This model did not come with fog lights. According to the dealer they are not available as a dealer installed option. Anybody know where I can purchase them aftermarket that would be compatible with this model?? Thanks, EJ


  • blue_boxblue_box Member Posts: 4
    If you're talking about adding the factory fog lamp assembly to a model that didn't come with them, you're looking at a long, hard, road. There are wiring harnesses for models with and without (and I have no idea how you'd mount a switch on the dash).

    In any case, you could still get the bezels, lamp housing, and adjusters from a place like (not the cheapest) bezels here, wiring harnesses here, foglamp assembly here, or (cheaper, but you need to know the exact part number, and it doesn't appear they have the 2010 parts in yet...??).

    Thought of doing this myself, until I looked the prices up. Going to cost a fair piece, and a good bit 'o' work. :(
  • dave666dave666 Member Posts: 1
    That is a pity about adding factory fog lights. I am surprised that they would use a different wiring harness with or without fogs, seems like it would be cost prohibitive. My wife likes the looks and use of fog lights for her new Nox, but the individual cost of each part sure adds up quickly and it is unclear what comes with each assembly. Here is some other talk on the subject:

    I wish the brave soul that tackles the project would give a play by play!
  • carguy05carguy05 Member Posts: 30
    Hi Dave,, I can identify with your frustration. I also have a 2010 Nox 1LT. I made the mistake when ordering my car of not getting the fog lights. I have checked with several GM dealers and they tell me there is no kit available . I have seen some fog light kits on "Bling lights" site and "GM part" that say they will fit, ($ 90 cost ) but the installation of wiring could be $300 range according to the dealer. I like your idea of getting them installed for the cosmetic look and worry about wiring later. Let me know what you find out. Good Luck carguy05 carguy05
  • chai80811chai80811 Member Posts: 1
    oh I have the same problem! I asked the Gm dealer and they said that the cost of having fog lights installed is not worth it.... :(
  • reubenray1reubenray1 Member Posts: 21
    I was checking into this also and was considering upgrading to the 2LT just to get them. The cost for fog lights and the rearview camera was about $610. My other options that I wanted for the 1LT model was standard equipment for the 2LT.
  • dick61dick61 Member Posts: 1
    I have the Bezel part #20847185 & the fog lamps part # 10335108 but . I can't see how the to can be installed. any help
  • juve3juve3 Member Posts: 15
    I have just recently ordered the Bezels and Fog light assemblys from, took me a while to find a company that would ship to Canada from the US, I did find a Canadian retailer, Canadian web site but they wanted double what I actually paid.

    Just waiting for my brother-in-law to get the necessary parts for wiring them, wires, switch, relay ect. If he can't then I already got a quote from a local shop for the install, $90-$100 parts and labour. I will post once everything is done.
  • carguy05carguy05 Member Posts: 30
    Thanks for the info. I am interested to see how this works out as far as installation. Since I got my 2010 Nox, I have been asking several dealers if this option is available , but no success. Keep me up to date. Thanks
  • carguy05carguy05 Member Posts: 30
    Could you please tell me what the cost was for the assembly and lamps? Thanks
  • juve3juve3 Member Posts: 15
    Hi, $85.20 each for Assembly + lamp (includes bulb) and $47.66 each for Bezels. In total with shipping I paid $290.00 US ($283.00 Canadian). I found another site that had each part for about $10 cheaper, but they didn't deliver to Canada.

    So once all is installed, I'm looking at a total cost of $383.00 ($100 for wiring and installation and mounting a swich) to get my 2010 Nox fog lights finally.

    Out of curiosity I checked with my dealer at what the cost would be to have the fogs installed as it was original, with the fog light switch ring on the turn stalk, they actually looked into it and said it would be roughtly $1800.
  • carguy05carguy05 Member Posts: 30
    Thanks for the update. Let me know after the installation. $1800 from dealer. I don't think so!!
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