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Deciding between Tundra, Ram 1500 and Ford F150 - help!

tpuptpup Member Posts: 1
edited May 2014 in Dodge
I am stuck. Here are my MUST haves. 4 door, 4x4, 5.5+ litre engine, must be able to tow 9,000 lbs. (2 horse trailer and I am being very "safe" with towing capacity....7000 could do it but would rather err on the safe side). Class IV hitch. Towing "safety" package and features. MUST be a smooth ride - this is family vehicle also. Here's my feedback so far but I am still trying to figure out which is the BEST vehicle for the $$.

Ford F150 - drove the Lariat - was in LOVE with it, very roomy back seat/legroom for my 2 kids. Felt like a smooth ride and like riding in a big SUV.

Toyota Tundra - felt VERY powerful - perhaps more so than the Ford, but on the highway, felt "jittery" and a bit bouncy?? Drive the SR5 by the way. Big advantage is I can lease this one, so nice low payment. Have to say interior console was a disappointment. Was very "industrial" and cheap feeling.

Ram 1500 - drove it today - VERY impressed with how smooth and quiet the ride was. I mean very impressed. Didn't expect it. Nice interior, nice legroom.

So right now I lean toward the Ram, but would love advice, feedback, experience. All are 2010's. I don't need the nav. system, sunroof. This will be my first time trailering, so rear back up camera would be nice, but not a necessity.

Help! I can't decide.


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    webgoodwebgood Member Posts: 95
    First off, I'd say I was biased as I've been a Toyota guy since 1991, largely based on the reliability factor. And I think that's largely the major consideration even now, although by some accounts, Chrysler and GM have improved their quality and reliability. To that end, you might check-out www.consumer search.com for pickup truck ratings...they provide many sites to reference for further research. Of note, check-out www.jdpower.com, and also "the" Consumer Reports ratings as I'm inclined to trust them as the most objective.
    No doubt Dodges and Chevys have some very nice features, one may have a bit more towing power, another more creature comforts, the "ride" and handling of one more comfortable and secure to you over another, those are all very valid reasons to buy a particular brand. But my bottom line is...if it means the choice of sacrificing a wee-bit of "likes" or "comforts" over reliability, the reliability quotient wins everytime, and that's where Toyota wins hands-down for me.. Regards, BGood
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    waitingtundrawaitingtundra Member Posts: 3
    Yep reliability is a big factor, but so is reliability of the company your getting ready to make a 30,000$ investment in. My mom has a Saturn and believe you me ya don't want to end up with a orphaned vehicle. Dodge,shakey at best, Chevy, could get shakey quick if the economy doesn't turn around soon, Ford fairly solid, Toyota rock solid. I do believe you'd be happy with the tundra, just add a sway bar for all that towing. JMHO and yea I'm real real real happy with my Tundra.
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    wyorebwyoreb Member Posts: 45
    I had to make the same choice last summer. Went with the Tundra.

    GM/Dodge - hesitant due to corporate financial troubles. Have had issues dealing with GM warranty coverage in the past.

    Ford - Nice truck, on test drive felt the transmission shifting was not as smooth as the Tundra. Surprisingly, was also pricier for comparably equipped vehicles.

    Toyota - so far so good, it definitely has a jittery ride on some highway surfaces, most noticable on concrete. FYI, Dodge is supposed to be the best ride of all, if that's most important. Also, my truck is the smaller V8.
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