2010 Honda Pilot Driver's Seat

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I just noticed while I was adjusting the driver's seat (moving seat BACK) that it jerks a bit. I'd say during the 2-3 seconds that it takes for me to moving the seat all the way back (and I'm holding the switch this whole time), that it jerks 4-5 times. Some felt quite bumpy and some aren't. Anyone else has the same problem with their Pilot?


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    Sorry for late response- just started researching this as I am having the same problem. I took my pilot in over a month ago and was temporarily fixed under warranty. They said it was simply off alignment. A few weeks later it started jerking again. I stopped by the Honda Service center and they said they need to replace the bushings now. I have not had time to drop it off for service but plan to within the next couple of weeks.
    My advice is to have it serviced and request they replace the bushings along with the alignment. Hopefully the bushings will fix the problem in its entirety- don't want them to nickel and dime my time taking this in every couple of months. Let me know where you are at with this as you have posted this some time ago. Thanks.
    I will update this after I have it fixed the second time to see if the bushings were the culprit.
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    We're having the same issue, thanks for the info. Still waiting for the first service visit, Also have a rattly shift lever casing. it sounds like they forgot to put any kind of cushion between the plastic parts surrounding the lever.
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    Interesting...I was moving the drivers seat back last night and it didn't feel quite right. I almost thought something might have gotten behind the seat causing a jerkiness to the seat movement. I now see that it could be something else and I appreciate everyone sharing this issue and what the dealers are finding. Looks like I might have the first thing for our first service visit. Running with a 2010 Pilot with under 4K miles.
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