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New 2010 Acura DVD Map Update

klenjklenj Member Posts: 23
edited October 2014 in Acura
Just Recieved letter from Acura trying to sell a 2010 DVD map update for the navigation. My 2009 MDX was purchased this past January. Is it worth buying for $185, any real updates in a year?
Thanks for your advice.


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    nswaalonswaalo Member Posts: 3
    It seems too early. I bought my X in 08/07, the GPS is still ok. I was adviced to update every 3 years.
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    enforcerenforcer Member Posts: 40
    I got the same letter for my 2008 and also declined to purchase.

    Honestly, how much have the roads changed in a year? (Not much home building going on these days). The more critical item is renewing the XM radio subscription, which provides real time traffic. Also I would have to say the maps are just not that good, some roads are mismarked and others are not even shown (all ones that have been here for years). Finally the restaurant list is well out of date - don't know if that is provided real time or from the disks. If the latter, I can see how it would be worth updating at some point.
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    carlover34carlover34 Member Posts: 2
    Definitely made a difference on '08mdx, & we found it for $150. Did it first for Audi Q7 because I do a lot of driving for work, but wasn't planning on it for my wife's '08 mdx until we saw the difference it made. I don't know where you saw it for $185 but we found www.updateyourmap.com & it was $150. Every little bit helps. I guess it depends on where you drive/live, but we saw a lot of changes, especially to the poi -- a lot of updated restaurants, rest stops, etc. & a lot of roads in northeast (CT/MA/RI/NH).
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    90mercsable90mercsable Member Posts: 48
    Long Island, NY

    I paid the $149 (special Acura offer), for the 2010 update. I have a 2009 MDX. Probably didn't need an update, and now I'm thinking of putting the 2009 DVD back in if that is possible.

    The 2009 version had my house on the wrong side of the street ( it had the odd and even numbers on this block reversed). NOW, the 2010 version has me PASSING MY HOUSE, making a right turn onto another street with a different name, and having the house on the left side of that, one block away.

    I've also experienced many ODD directions given such as SOUTH exit on major parkway, instead of NORTH.

    VERY UNHAPPY...this is a WASTE. It confuses me in areas that I know. I can't imagine what would happen in area I am unfamiliar with.
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    michulkamichulka Member Posts: 1
    Any clue as to whether an update for the NAV system on a 2010 Acura is worth the $150 Acura is asking? It seems a rather high price when the road data is used in new models and Street Atlas is only $30.
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    bk_1bk_1 Member Posts: 1
    I also have a 2010 MDX and unwisely ordered the NAV update. After following all directions on the install, the NAV doesn't work. In addition, many of the menu screens or buttons (e.g. cancel) now freeze or don't work. The software from Navteq destroyed the NAV system. Dealer now replacing the entire NAV system over a simple update. I would recommend against it at this point.
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    jong98jong98 Member Posts: 1
    Did you eventually get the upgrade? Does it work better? Are there any improvements? The GPS Nav on the MDX is horrible and non-intuitive and some addresses are not even available. I was hoping 2011 update would improve this. Let me know, I have a 2010 MDX with Advance and Entertainment
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